Dear friends,


>Here are more informations about the new Chinese students orientation on

>August 21st. You will meet our CSSAUH officers. We will cover the following

>subjects in the orientation:


>     1)  Talk by Honolulu Police Officer

>     2)  Personal Invitations

>     3)  Dress etiquette for different situations

>     4)  Visiting homes in Hawaii

>     5)  Proper disposal of trash in Hawaii

>     6)  Landlord/Tenant obligations

>     7)  Discount Coupons and super market cards

>     8)  Miscellaneous topics to be covered

>     9)  Getting a drivers license in Hawaii


>Time: August 21, 7:00pm

>Place: Hale Monoa, Reading Room


>Please spread the message to all the new Chinese students you know. We are

>looking forward to see you soon.