Some feedback about air tickets



Hi, there:


I've got lots of information since last time I sent an email to ask about
cheap ticket. I collect all information here. Hope it would be a little bit
helpful for those who are going to buy tickets

Culture tour, Tel: 524 0775
American Travel, Tel: 537 3436
Joane J. Xiong : 732-6437, cellular phone: 386-6437
Hawaii Global 921-0999
Air & Sea Travel 951-9800
United International Travel Center 524-6281
Best tours 593-8250
Global Tours & Travel 926-8807
AKW Travel 548-2028

All are speaking English and Mandarin

I called most of them to book one ticket to Hongkong in this May. The
cheapest price I got is 556.5 (tax included) from Hawaii Global 921-0999,
the girl answered phone was nice, but they don't offer ticket delivery to
UH. So I decided take another one from Joane J. Xiong : 732-6437, cellular
phone: 386-6437. The price is 558 (tax included) and she can deliver it.
More important thing is she is so patient and thoughtful. That makes me feel
good after calling some agency with bad service. They talked in the way like
I own them money......^_^




Xiao Yang, 03/24/2004