Useful Contact for PRC Visas for Your American Friends


Ni hao Chinese students,

As you may know, American citizens living in Hawaii
can no longer mail in their visa requests for China
directly to the PRC Consulate in Los Angeles. Either
they must go to consulate themselves or have someone
serve as their proxy (i.e. go on their behalf).

So if you have any American friends who are planning
visits to China, and they don't have a personal proxy,
I highly recommend the following company (with which I
am not myself associated):

VisaRite Service, Inc.

They offer a variety of services and fees for visa
processing in both English and putonghua. Both their
website and their services are very professional.

I needed a visa to travel in less than a week and they
were able to process my visa in 5 hours at the New
York Consulate. They also accepted delivery of my
passport on the weekend and took care of the return
express mail service.


Rick (Li Ke), 03/23/2004