Show Chinese characters in your UH email account.



If you have problem with displaying UH mails in Chinese, you might want to try the following steps:

1.      log in
2.      choose í░optionsí▒ from the top panel
3.      click í░personal informationí▒
4.      change í░preferred languageí▒ to í░Chinese/Simplifiedí▒ or í░Chinese Traditionalí▒
5.      press í░save changesí▒ button at the end of the page
6.      log out and wait for one minute, then log in

Now, you will see those beautiful Chinese characters instead of a bunch of í░???í▒. It woní»t affect your other mails in English at all.

p.s. Both sending and receiving are O.K.


Yichao Zuo 02/20/2004