Housing Information:


Methods to find the housing information:

  1. Check website:

          http://www.hawaiishomes.com/classifieds.html is a very powerful website from Honolulu Advertiser. If you want to live close to school, make sure you check the area of “University-Manoa”, “Punahou”, “McCully”, or part of “Makiki” & “Kaimuki”.


          http://www.housing.hawaii.edu is quite useful too. Especially, the off-Campus link http://www.housing.hawaii.edu/och/, from the list for student, you may find some useful information.


          By the way, http://maps.yahoo.com/ may help you to find exactly the place you want.



  1. Send email to our email-list (cssauh-l@hawaii.edu) to ask for house information. Normally, there will be some people are willing to help you.



  1. For school bulletins, which located before UH-manoa Sinclair library, or Hamilton library.


  For temporary house, please check from http://www.housing.hawaii.edu/och/basicoch/TempAccom.htm


Price estimation (base on the average level living condition):

  1. Single room: normally, $300-400.
  2. Studio: normally, $400-600.
  3. One bedroom: $550-650.
  4. Two Bedrooms: $600-800.
  5.  Three Bedrooms: $1200-1500.


Recommendation of living area:

I think Makiki area is good. Since there are lot apartments, building there, housing information is plenty. The price and neighborhood are ok.

Manoa area is good, but expensive.

Punahou area doesn’t provide much choice.

Normally, it is not easy to find a place very close to school. J


A list of landlord

(NOTE: I listed this information base on my knowledge. However, the rooms may NOT available when you see this. Please make a phone call and check it if you want):

Ms. Wang (Heidi): Dominious St., many studios, around $500, with AC.

Tel: 531-5889 (Speak Chinese)

Ms. Ohta : Hauli 931, has many single rooms for girl. Tel: 949-2275 (Japanese lady)

Sandra: Seaview Ave. Girl dorm. Tel: 255-6364

Ms. Tanaga: Girl Dorm, around $400. Tel: 422-2276

Kam (Mr.): Two bedrooms (close to highway, kind of noise). $600 Tel: 737-5981




Good Luck!


Jiabao Chen