Nice Hiking trails, parks and beaches, and how to get there from UH.


  • Diamond Head Crater Trail
    • $5/passenger vehicle + $1/person
    • May want to park nearby and walk into the crater to save money
    • By car, drive to Kapiolani Park first then drive uphill around the Diamond Head. The Crater entrance is right across from KCC parking lot.
    • By bus, take number 58. There is a stop right in front of the crater entrance.
  • Manoa Fall Trail
    • Free of charge
    • By car, drive on Punahou St. into Manoa Valley. Punahou St. becomes Manoa Road. Staying on Manoa Road all the way to the end. Not making any turns at any intersections along the way.
  • Hawaii Loa Ridge Trail
    • Free of charge
    • By car, drive in Hawaii Kai direction. Half way to Hawaii Kai, there is an intersection to Hawaii Loa Ridge (up the hill) with a sign indicating it is Hawaii Loa Ridge. Reach the security guard, tell him you are going to the hiking trail, he will give you a temporary pass. Drive all the way up the hill and eventually you will reach a small parking lot (next to a large water tank). The trail entrance is right around there. See a yellow sign.
    • This trial is rated ¡°difficult¡± by some Hawaii hiking guidebooks. The round trip may take 3-4 hours with many steep up and down hills along the narrow trail.
  • Makapu¡¯u Point Lighthouse Trail
    • Free of charge
    • By car, on the way to Sea Life Park (passed Hawaii Kai, right before reaching Sea Life Park), you will see a gate on the right hand side of the road and some cars parking along the road. Park there and walk to the gate to start the hike.
    • This trail is rated ¡°easy¡±. The whole road is asphalt concrete paved. May want to bring a cap or umbrella. No shadow along the trail at all.
  • Sandy Beach
    • By car, pass Hawaii Kai before reaching Sea Life Park, you will see a fairly long beach on the right hand side of the road with strong waves (usually). That is the place.
    • Sandy Beach is famous by its frequent strong waves. Good for surfing/boogy boarding/playing wave.
  • Ala Moana Beach   
    • Right across from Ala Moana Shopping Center. Lots of parking, easy to find, always good for any exercise.
  • Kailua Beach
    • Drive Pali Highway across the mountain to the Windward side. Keep going straight on Pali Highway (name of the road may change but keep going straight) until reaching Kailua town. Keeps going straight and turn right when reaches the end of the road. Eventually you will see a public beach park on your left hand side. That is it.
    • Kailua Beach has less tourist so more relaxing and less people.



Kerwin Chang