Steps to apply for the visitor visas for you parents


A: Things you should do:


  1. Get an invitation letter from ISS Office. This letter mainly shows your current status, your major and your parentsí» birthdays information etc.
  2. Prepare an official saving account balance, which you could get from your bank. As for the amount should be in your saving account, there isní»t a fixed amount, but it is sufficient to support their traveling expenses etc.

P.S. ití»s better you attach your bank statement sent by your bank each month because it shows all your transaction and eliminate officerí»s doubt that you borrow the money from somebody else.

  1. Write a Chinese invitation letter to your parents, which they can use it to apply for the passport.
  2. Write a letter to officer in the embassy to state why and when you want to invite your parents and other information you want to say. (Optional)
  3. Attach one of your family photos. (Optional)


B: Things your parents should do:


  1. Take passport photos
  2. Prepare an official saving account balance.
  3. Apply for passport:
  4. Call the embassy to make an appointment for the interview. Usually, your parents will get a number or identification number for the interview.
  5. Fill out the application for the visa. As for the application, there are many visa application services in the embassy area.
  6. Pay for the application fee.
  7. Wait for the interview.
  8. Good Luck!


Above are just personal experiences and just for your information. Please consult anyone who applies for his or her parents to come to US. Also, it might be varied in different areas in China. Also, there are tons of reasons that the officer denies your applications. So just keep trying if you doní»t mind.