I did Passport Renew in April.

On April 17th, I sent the renewal form, passport(original),
copies of passport, visa, I-94, I-20, state ID, SSN card (not required?)
a money order of $15.00?, an empty EXPRESS MAIL envelope with about
$13.65 (not sure) stamps on it for return mail by China Consulate.

All the above materials were sent by using EXPRESS MAIL at the
university post office next to the campus center.

Remember asking for both labels from the envelops! (So that you can
track both out and in mails on www.usps.com.

If your mail arrives on holidays or weekends,
Taiwan visa office may
sign and receive your mail and
China consulate will pick your mail up.
(They are about 1 mile away). I got the passport back on April 26th.

Money order:  15.00 +  0.99 processing fee = 15.99$
Express mail: 13.65 + 13.65                = 27.30$
Total cost:   43.29$

The above is my own experience what I can remember. You have to confirm it
before following the same procedure. I do not take any responsability for
mail delay, missing mail, passport renewal refusal and any other
unexpected problems you might have.