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CSSAUH President Election - 2004

If you have any question or suggestion about this election, please contact us.

Election Procedure

1. Election Time
06/11/2004 (Friday) - 06/28/2004 (Monday)
Vote must be received by Election Committee by 11:59 pm of 06/28/2004.

2. How to elect:
Any one from University of Hawaii is eligible to vote for their favorite candidates in this election by sending email to cssauh-l@hawaii.edu via his or her email account at University of Hawaii by the deadline.
Vote through other email account than this will be counted as INVALID.

3. Candidates
In 2004, we are honored to have two candidates to be elected as the new president of CSSAUH:
Xiaobin Lin from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Jiejun Yu from School of Travel Industry Management.

4. Results announcement
The new president will be announced on July 1st, 2004.

5. Internal officer group anonymous voting
The internal officer group held an anonymous voting, and the result will be announced on June 21st, 2004(middle of the Election).

Candidates Introduction

1. A short description about himself from Jiejun Yu. (Word version)
2. Xiaobin Lin's resume. (Word version)
3. Xiaobin Lin's Photo at Venize.
4. A short description about himself from Xiaobin Lin. (Word version)
5. Jiejun Yu's Photo.

Election Committee member

Xina Ma (ma_xina@yahoo.com.cn), from School of Travel Industry Management, CSSAUH officer
Wenjie Qin (wqin@hawaii.edu), from Dept. of Information and Computer Science, former Webmaster
Yuhai Yan (yuhai@hawaii.edu), from Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Webmaster

Officers Anonymous Vote results

Xiaobin Lin: 7
Jiejun Yu: 1

Election Questionnaire

Before the election, a questionnaire is held. We received 25 answers and here is the results.

Question 1 2 3
A 21 4 14
B 3 19 8
either/not sure 0 1 2

PS: the three questions:

1), To be efficient and effective, CSSAUH plans to take your email account at University of Hawaii (ie, abc@hawaii.edu) as the valid vote. Voting with other email accounts will be counted as invalid. Do you agree that the voters must vote with their account at hawaii.edu?
A. Yes
B. No

2), If there is only one candidate,
A. he/she will be the president automatically
B. the current officers should have a meeting to discuss if he/she is eligible for the president.

3), To facilitate the future work inside CSSAH working group after the election, we plan that the current CSSAUH officers will vote anonymously in the latest group meetings and then announce the results to all the students. In terms of when to announce the result of inside voting, you think it will be ,
A. at the middle of the election
B. at the end of the election

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