Hi Everyone,


I just got back from Washington DC. I met another 200 Chinese students

currently studying in the US and some other American/Chinese

business/politial leadres as well at this US-China Foreign Policy

Colloquim. If possible, I can inform you any issues raised at that time

and hope to get your feedback as well.


Anyway, I will give you a short description of what I have done and

what I believe, so you can have some information to predict if I am

competent at this position. Hopefully it can help your election.


Before I start, I want to give my regards to Chen Jiabao, all the other

officers and supporters to our organization, who have made my future

job easier and  more productive. 


I was born in the middle of Feb. in Shanghai. I believe my life is

easier than most people in China. After graduating from the High School

Affliated to Fudan University, I attended Shanghai LiXin Accounting

College, where I served as Stamp Collection Club President for two and

half years and finally recommended and elected as elite cadre. One

semester before graduating from LiXin, I was secured by international

student scholarships to come to America to begin my undergraduate. I

have had my BS Cum Laude in Computer Science from Truman State

University, Kirksville, Missouri, and MS in Software Engineering from

Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, I was

involved/participated in numerous activities organized by Chinese

students and scholars, such as President Jiang Visit to Texas in Oct.

of 2002. I also had my work experience with Sabre (Parent Company of

Travelocity.com) and Shanghai Automotive Industy Company, USA Office,

as project assistant and product buyer, during these years.  Now I am

getting my second master degree in Travel Industry Management with

concentration on online/offline marketing and distribution especially

in the area of cruising, airline, rental-car and hotels.


Currently my main responsibility within this organization at UH is

external fairs, such as relationship building and activity initiative.

Also I served in the committee at Pacific Asia Tourism

Association(PATA) student chapter at UH. As future President, my first

objective is to find a way to allow each officer to work on their job

more productively with their own ideas, but not to try hard to persuade

them to agree with me because I believe they all have some talents in

some way just like you do.  My second objective is to work out some

projects with some local American agencies, such as American Churches,

American Families or American Voluntaries because Hawaii is a very

oriental place and the chances to be involved in American Culture is

very limited, but I believe it is necessary when we study overseas. My

third objective is to maintain a good relationship with other Chinese

organization who have been our friends for a long time.  My fourth

objective is to finish our constitution,which I believe is very helpful

to our internal management. These four objectives have no priorities by

serving different functions.


To achieve these objectives, I will work with my peers and share our

plans with each of you, who is my true priority of this job.  I will

stay in this committee to serve everyone no matter how this election

will be. Please call me or email me,  if you have any questions

regarding our future plans. Thank you for your attention!  Hope that

all of you can consolidate your own field to make your dream come true

in the near future!


Jiejun Yu

MS(05), Travel Industry Management, Marketing/Distribution

School of Travel Industry Managemet

University of Hawaii, Manoa

Honolulu, HI 96822

Cell, 808-383-7586