Dear all the Chinese scholars and students and in UH:

      I am pleased to announce here and let you know much more about me.

     Some basic information you can get from my resume attached on the
website of CSSAUH
( ).

     I have some experience on CSSA. When I studied in Queen

University Belfast in U.K., I  served for the CSSAQUB and directed the
donation for the SARS in
China.  We bought masks and posted back to
China, I enjoyed the group, most Chinese students and scholars worked
together for our mother country.
    From this January, I came here to pursue my PhD in Civil
Engineering. I am so happy to meet you guys at UH! Actually, I am new
officer in CSSAUH now.  And I have worked for a while in the
organization. Jiabao Chen leads such a cooperative and efficient group.
She definitely has done well in the academic year of 2003/2004. 

    Recently, it is time to change personnel upon completion of a term
of office for CSSAUH. After thinking it over, I decide to take part in
the competition of   the president election of in UH for the next
academic year of 2004/2005.  I just want to have more  opportunities to
service for you, for this organization.
    In the next academic year, if possible, we will not only keep all
the traditional events(for example: National Day celebration, New
student picnic and orientation, New student services, Mid-autumn
festival, Chinese New Year and so on) , but also try to looking for
more funding and give you guys more activities (such as Hiking,
tournaments for table tennis, badminton, soccer and basketball, Kara OK
or Dance Party).

    Finally, I appreciate your support and hope that more and more
students and scholars participate the activities and our service group!
   Thank you very much!

   Best wishes,

                                              Sincerely: Xiaobin Lin