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夏威夷大学中国学生学者联谊会始建于1984年,历经34年32任主席,现有会员600余人。 我们希望能够尽自己的力量,为在这里的中国同学,尤其是新生提供最大的帮助。 同时,在社会方面,我们也一直和美中友协,中国总商会夏威夷分会,中国俱乐部, 大陆华人同胞联谊会,香港中国夏威夷商会等当地华人组织保持友好往来。


The Chinese Student and Scholar Association of the University of Hawai'i (CSSA-UH) is an officially registered independent organization (RIOs) of Chinese students and scholars from all over the world. It is non-profit, non-partisan, free-religious, and democratically self-governed. More...


From the experience learned by 2003-2004 CSSAUH officers, it is found duties of each officer must be clarified in order to facilitate smooth operation of the association. The following list of duties for each officer is recommendation based on past experience, not requirement. More...


CSSAUH Presidential Election Guideline. More...


If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at HERE.


You are welcome to provide more detailed CSSAUH history to us. We appreciate all your help.

2018-19 Xinyue Dong, Shidler College of Business
Officers: Yu Shi...

2017-18 Lin Song, Shidler College of Business

2016-17 Yuanting Wu, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources

2015-16 Yubo Huang, School of Engineering

2014-15 Liye Li, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
Officers: ShiYi Wang, Bolun Chen, Yuanyuan Fu...

2013-14 ShiYi Wang, The School of Travel Industry Management
Officers: Ke Wang, Zi Wang, Peifeng Tang, Youxin Zhang...

2012-13 Ke Wang, Shidler College of Business
Officers: Yujian Li, Yan Ma, Yuandan Qian, Ke Wang, Zhaorui Yang, Qi Zeng...

2011-12 Yang Ming, Department of Theatre and Dance
Officers: Xiaosong (Shawn) Zeng, Yan (Cecilia) Ma, Xi "Cici" Yang, Xiaosha Pang, Zhaorui Yang, Ningjin Miao, Yefei Bai, Jian Ma...

2009-10 Yefei Bai, Department of Ocean and Resources Engineering
Officers: Yefei Bai, Meng Cai, Yuan Liu, Rui Wang, Nv Tang, Ning Li...

2008-09 Jian Ma, Department of Meteorology
Officers: Jian Ma, Yuxing Yang, Kan Li, Mengxiao Wen, Wenjing Miao, ...

2007-08 Wumaier, Yilamu, Department of Politics
Officers: Yilamu Wumaier, Ming Zhang, Qijuan Fang, Mengxuan Liu, ...

2006-07 Zhang, Hao, Department of Economics

2005-06 Shi, Bo, Department of Mathematics
Officers: Na Lan, Qinghua Ding, Huiping Cheng, Luning Ye, ...

2004-05 Lin, Xiaobin, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Officers: Huan Ma, Xina Ma, Jinghai Yang, Na Lan, ....

2003-04 Chen, Jiabao, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Officers: Lin Zhang, Huan Ma, Kerwin Chang, Jing Liu, Wenjie Qin, ....
Organized Fund Raising (about $600), Dragon Boat Race and National Day Celebration (about 500 people attend).

2002-03 Wang, Rui, Department of Economics
Called for SARS donation.

2000-02 Liu, Binhui, Department of Chemistry
Handled welcoming China's President Hu Jintao

1999-00 Zhou, Fulin, Department of Chemistry

1998-99 Dai, John J
Organized volunteers to establish CSSA UH Website, run events, & support girl-students in flooded areas, and raised CSSA funds; Here is the Agreement between China Youth Development Foundation and CSSA UH and Donation to Motherland.

1997-98 Yu, Xiaoshui
Handled welcoming China's President Jiang Zemin

1996-97 Li, Bin
Cliff Li and 49 Chinese students & scholars protested Harry Wu

1995-96 Qi, Daxing
Crisis of lacking of successor of CSSA UH presidency

1994-95 Qi, Daxing
Suggested, the CSSA UH email-net was built up on the College of Engineering

1993-94 Guo, JianLiang
Cheng Jianqun established Chinese email-net of the College of Engineering

1992-93 Wang, Qiang

1991-92 Li, Yuanqing
More than $2,000 donation for China flood relief, record

1990-91 Jin, XianHua

1989-90 Zhang, HuiFeng

1988-89 Liu, Yawei, Liu, Xin
VP, & Pres. of CSSA EWC

1987-88 Wu, Kang

1986-87 Huang, Hai

1985-86 Zhou, Qinghai

1984-85 Shi, Guangming

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