Resources for Discourse Analysis in Second Language Studies

Relevant journals that focus on Discourse
Discourse Studies (often a focus on discourse markers, structures of talk)
Discourse Processes (psycholinguistic and interactional aspects of talk)
Discourse & Society (focus on CDA)
Journal of Pragmatics
Intercultural Pragmatics (SLS focus)
Journal of Multicultural Discourses
Narrative Inquiry
Critical Inquiry in Language Studies (mostly DA)
Research on Language and Social Interaction (focus on ethnomethodology and CA)

Relevant journals that have a range of approaches including DA
Language in Society
Journal of Sociolinguistics
Linguistics and Education
Language and Education
Language and Intercultural Communication
Journal of Language, Identity and Education (SLS focus)
TESOL Quarterly (SLS focus)
Applied Linguistics (SLS focus)
Modern Language Journal (SLS focus)
Language Culture and Curriculum
Journal of Linguistic Anthropology (the June/December 1999, Vol. 9 is comprised of 2-3 page descriptions of concepts
      like 'agency,' 'intertextuality' and 'narrative,' all written by experts in the field)

Useful web sites
Stef Slembrouck's website What is meant by discourse analysis?
   -provides a useful overview of various concepts, theories, and methods with examples. Very well references.
Schegloff's home page (pdf files and audio clips available)
   -a great resource for practice with transcription. Almost all of Schegloff's publications are available here.
Mary Bucholtz's 'Language and Gender' page

Select scholarly resources (books)
Antaki, Charles, & Widdicombe, Sue. eds. (1998) Identities in talk. Sage.
     An edited collection that examines identity from a talk-in-interaction perspective, drawing heavily on MCA.
Benwell, Bethan, & Stokoe, Elizabeth (2006). Discourse and identity. Edinburgh University Press.
     An overview of the connections between discourse and identity, with a strong focus on CA and Discursive Psychology
Defina, Anna, Schiffrin, Deborah, & Bamberg, Michael. (eds) (2006) Discourse and identity. Cambridge
     mostly studies of narrative data and L1 contexts; Focus on poststructuralist and social constructionist approaches
Gumperz, John. 1982. Discourse strategies. Cambridge
     a seminal book on the functions of talk from the perspective of interactional sociolinguistics; very good chapter on
     codeswitching and another good chapter on intercultural communication

Hutchby, Ian, & Wooffitt, Robin (1998). Conversation analysis. Polity.
     a useful introductory text to the world of CA
Johnstone, Barbara (2002). Discourse analysis. Blackwell.
     for enhancing your understanding of concepts.

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