Second Language Studies
SLS 660 Course Papers

These papers are written by M.A. students in the department of SLS at the University of Hawaii at Manoa who are taking a graduate course in sociolinguistics. Please contact the authors of these papers with questions or comments about their work.

ELT and General Planning for the Second National Human Resources Development in South Korea - Choi

The Discourse of Globalization in the Statements of Objectives and Policy of CheongShim International Academy  - Choi, M.

The Comenius Program: A reflection of European linguistic attitudes - Chudeau

A CDA of Ron Unz's English Only Discourse - Demaine

Gender in Japanese EFL textbooks - Ise

National Language Policy and Foreign Language Teaching in Japan - Kamimoto

The discourses of English in Korea: A critical discourse analysis of the 7th National Curriculum on English education for middle school students - Kim

A language planning and policy analysis of South Korea's TOSS program - Lee

Teaching and learning Euro-English in Switzerland: A brief analysis and some ideas for teaching - McNeil

ESL versus EIL; and the NS/NNS Dichotomy.   Now what? - Ng

Language Policy and Hawaiian High School: Korean Heritage Implementation - Park

Critical Analysis of an Eikaiwa Website - Pfaff

A proposal for a Filipino immersion elementary program in Anchorage, Alaska - Pongco

Critical Discourse Analysis of The United States Department of Education's documents on No Child Left Behind - Shiung

Language Policy in Korea for Immigrants through International Marriage - Song

Ain't talkin' right keepin' Black/African American students from steppin' up to the plate for their own success? - Yamada

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