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University of Minnesota Homepage

Gopher of collections at the National Museum of Natural History

Lichen Herbarium-Swedish Museum of Natural History

Smithsonian Institution

Lichen collections at the University of Oslo

Botanical Museum, Copenhagen



Open University

Scholastic Network

Lichens of Boston Creek


List of CSIRO Books

The Lichenologist


Kochi University Homepage

Botanische Staatsammlung München Homepage

Lichen collection at Tel Aviv University

EnviroNet Monitoring Projects

University of Salzburg

Lapland Forest damage project

Manitoba Plants & Animals

Herbal Materia Medica

Anti-fungal remedy using Usnea plus other herbs

Statement of research activities at Jack Elix's Laboratory

Lichens and caribou - threats from logging and seismic explorations

Satellite Imagery

Wisconsin Biomonitoring Programme

U.S. national park units

Biomonitors of Radioactive fallout

Homepages of Lichenologists

Homepage of Dr. Diane Fahselt

Klaus Klab

Home page of Robert Egau

Homepage of Kristin Palmquist

Lichens of the National parks

Jerry Evans Homepage