Lichens that are protected by law in the countries listed.


Under the provisions of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Species listed on Schedule 8.

Bryoria furcellata Forked hair-lichen
Buellia asterella Starry breck-lichen
Caloplaca luteoalba Orange-fruited elm-lichen
Caloplaca nivalis Snow caloplaca
Catapyrenium psoromoides Tree catapyrenium
Catillaria laureri Laurer's catillaria
Cladonia stricta Upright mountain-lichen
Collema dichotomum River jelly-lichen
Gyalecta ulmi Elm gyalecta
Heterodermia leucomelos Ciliate strap-lichen
Heterodermia propagulifera Coralloid rosette-lichen
Lecanactis hemisphaerica Churchyard lichen
Lecanora achariana Tarn lecanora
Lecidea inops Copper lecidea
Nephroma arcticum Arctic kidney-lichen
Pannaria ignobilis Caledonian pannaria
Parmelia minarum New Forest parmelia
Parmentaria chilensis Oil-stained parmentaria
Peltigera lepidophora Ear-lobed dog-lichen
Pertusaria bryontha Alpine moss-pertusaria
Physcia tribacioides Southern grey physcia
Pseudocyphellaria lacerata Ragged pseudocyphellaria
Psora rubiformis Rusty alpine psora
Solenopsora liparina Serpentine solenopsora
Squamarina lentigera Scaly breck-lichen
Teloschistes flavicans Golden hair-lichen

For further information contact Dr. B. Coppins.


Under the provisions of the Endangered Species Act.

Species listed as Endangered

Cladonia perforata Florida perforate cladonia
58FR25754 Apr 27, 1993
Gymnoderma lineare Rock gnome lichen
60FR03562 Jan 18, 1995

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