Library of Congress Rule Interpretations for Chapter 8 (complete)



8.1C.  Optional addition.  General material designation   

See LCRI 1.1C. Optional addition. General material designation.




8.2. Edition Area


8.2B. Edition statement


8.2B3. Optional addition   

Apply the option according to the statements in LCRI 1.2B4.




Option Decision

LC practice: Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.




8.4. Publication, Distribution, Etc., Area


8.4C. Place of publication, distribution, etc.   

See LCRI 7.4C. Place of publication, distribution, etc.


8.4D. Name of publisher, distributor, etc.



Option Decision

Apply the optional provision of the rule.


8.4E. Optional addition. Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc.   

See LCRI 1.4E. Optional addition. Statement of function of publisher, distributor, etc.


8.4F. Date of publication, distribution, etc.



See LCRI 7.4F2.


8.4G. Place of manufacture, name of manufacturer, date of manufacture


8.4G2. Optional addition   

See LCRI 1.4G4. Optional addition.


8.5. Physical Description Area


8.5B. Extent of item (including specific material designation)



Specific and General Material Designations

Rule 8.5B1 gives a list of specific material designations to be used in the physical description of materials covered by this chapter, but allows, optionally, other terms to be

used. The various specific material designations would be apportioned among the GMDs as follows:



Activity card

Activity card



Flip chart

Wall chart




Flash card

Flash card


Art print

Art reproduction






Study print




Technical drawing

Technical drawing







When counting unnumbered frames, generally do not consider any number too numerous to count. Begin counting with the first content frame and end with the last content frame, thereby counting any noncontent frames interspersed but excluding noncontent frames that precede the first content frame or follow the last content frame. Give the number resulting from this count as the total, within brackets. (Small groups of unnumbered optional content frames may be ignored.)


As with separately numbered title frames, give separate totals of test frames.

60 fr., 4 test fr.




Option Decision

See LCRI 1.1C. Optional addition.  General material designation.


8.5C. Other physical details


8.5C1g). Photographs   

Option Decision

Apply the option on a case-by-case basis.



8.7. Note Area


8.7B. Notes


8.7B4. Variations in title   

Option Decision

Do not apply the optional provision of the rule.



8.7B7. Edition and history   

See LCRI 7.7B7. Edition and history.



8.7B9. Publication, distribution, etc.   

See LCRI 7.7B9. Publication, distribution, etc.



8.7B18. Contents   

In listing individually named parts of a graphic item, add the duration of the accompanying sound (cassette, disc, etc.) after the number of frames, slides, etc., if given.

What's your point? (55 fr., 13 min., 2 sec.)


In the absence of the number of frames, slides, etc., add to the titles/statements of responsibility the duration of the accompanying sound, if given.


Residential architecture, tools (15 min., 10 sec.)





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