H 990 New York (N.Y.)


BACKGROUND: Until February 1996, following a longstanding tradition, the heading New York (N.Y.) was used as a geographic subdivision directly after topics. At that time, this exceptional practice was eliminated. New York City is now treated in the same manner as other cities in the state of New York, that is, it is used as a geographic subdivision through New York (State). Example:


650 #0 $a Arts $z New York (State) $z New York.

[not 650 #0 $a Arts $z New York (N.Y.)]


Bibliographic records in the Library of Congress database that reflected the previous practice were updated in 1996. This instruction sheet provides guidelines for the subject heading assignment of New York (N.Y.), related headings for areas associated with the city, and headings for its city sections and boroughs and their coextensive counties.


1. General rule. Assign the heading New York (N.Y.) for works on the city of New York. As a geographic subdivision after topics, use the name of the city indirectly through New York (State). Example:


650 #0 $a Theater $z New York (State) $z New York.

[not 650 #0 $a Theater $z New York (N.Y.)]


2. Geographic qualifier. Use the form (New York, N.Y.) as a geographic qualifier when establishing headings for features in the city of New York according to provisions of H 1334 for buildings and other structures; H 1925 for parks and gardens; and H 2098 for streets and roads. Include the name of a borough of New York City in the qualifier only if it is necessary to resolve a conflict between two or more features of the same name, for example, Hudson Street (Manhattan, New York, N.Y.).


3. Areas associated with New York City. Following the definitions given in H 790, the following headings are established to cover various areas associated with the city: New York Metropolitan Area; New York Suburban Area; and New York Region. These headings are not qualified because they each encompass a tri-state area consisting of parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. As geographic subdivisions, use these headings directly after topics. Examples:


650 #0 $a Housing $z New York Metropolitan Area.

650 #0 $a Restaurants $z New York Suburban Area.

650 #0 $a Commuting $z New York Region.


4. City sections, boroughs, counties. Follow the standard guidelines and procedures given in H 720 for assigning headings from the name authority file for sections of the city, such as Harlem or Greenwich Village, and the five boroughs of New York City: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.


Name headings for the five counties of New York State that are coextensive with the five boroughs, Bronx County (N.Y.), Kings County (N.Y.), New York County (N.Y.), Queens County (N.Y.), and Richmond County (N.Y.), may be used as subject headings for administrative or legal works that are specifically about, and use the names of, these counties. Assign these headings as geographic subdivisions through New York (State).