H 975 Hawaii


1. Hawaii as a heading or subdivision. Assign Hawaii as a subject heading or geographic subdivision for works dealing with the state of Hawaii regardless of the period covered. Examples:


651 #0 $a Hawaii $x Antiquities.

650 #0 $a Japanese Americans $z Hawaii.

650 #0 $a Housing $z Hawaii $z Hawaii Island.


2. Geographic qualifiers.

a. Hawaii as a qualifier. Use (Hawaii) as a qualifier in Hawaiian geographic names. Do not use individual island names except in cases of conflict.


151 ## $a Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)

151 ## $a Lanai (Hawaii)


b. Entities in cities. For entities within a city, add the city name before Hawaii in the qualifier, for example, Hawaii State Capitol (Honolulu, Hawaii).


c. Conflicts. In cases of conflict, add the island name before Hawaii in the qualifier. The main islands are:


 Hawaii Island (Hawaii)

Kahoolawe (Hawaii)
Kauai (Hawaii)
Lanai (Hawaii)

 Maui (Hawaii)
Molokai (Hawaii)
Niihau (Hawaii)
Oahu (Hawaii)




151 ## $a Kailua Bay (Oahu, Hawaii)

151 ## $a Kailua Bay (Hawaii Island, Hawaii)

151 ## $a Kona (Hawaii Island, Hawaii)

151 ## $a Kona (Niihau, Hawaii)

151 ## $a Kona (Molokai, Hawaii)