H 1580.5  Electronic Serials


BACKGROUND:  An electronic serial is a work in a machine-readable format, issued in successive designated parts for an indefinite period of time (that is, it meets the definition of a serial).  It may be a remote access serial, such as those available on the Internet via input/output devices connected electronically to a computer, or it may be a direct access serial, such as those issued on CD-ROM, floppy disk, etc.  This instruction sheet provides guidance on the assignment of subject headings to electronic serials.


1.  General rule.  To an electronic serial, assign the appropriate heading(s) subdivided by the free-floating subdivision –Periodicals.  Do not further subdivide by –Databases to indicate that the serial is in electronic form. 



Title:   Electronic journal of differential equations.

650 #0 $a Differential equations $v Periodicals.


Title:   TESL–EJ : teaching English as a second or foreign language : an electronic journal.

650 #0 $a English language $x Study and teaching $x Foreign speakers $v Periodicals.


If an electronic serial belongs to one of the special categories treated below, follow the instructions for that category.



2. Databases.  For serially issued databases, follow the instructions in H 1520.  Do not further subdivide by –Periodicals to indicate that the database is issued serially. 


Title:   Vietnam investment database.

[a database issued quarterly on CD–ROM.]

650 #0 $a Industries $z Vietnam $v Databases.

651 #0 $a Vietnam $x Commerce $v Databases.


Title:   Software information database.

[a database on computer software cumulated monthly.]

650 #0 $a Computer software $v Databases.


Title:   World trade database.

[an annually issued database of international trade statistics.]

650 #0 $a International trade $v Statistics $v Databases.



3. Serials about databases.  For electronic serials whose subject matter is databases, follow the instructions in H 1520.  To an electronic serial whose subject matter is databases in general, assign a subject such as Databases–Periodicals or Relational databases–Periodicals.  To an electronic serial whose subject matter is databases in a specific field, assign [topic]–Databases–Periodicals. 


Title:   TRC databases for chemistry and engineering comprehensive index.

[an annually issued index to databases in three major subject areas.]

650 #0 $a Thermodynamics $x Databases $v Indexes $v Periodicals.

650 #0 $a Thermochemistry $x Databases $v Indexes $v Periodicals.

650 #0 $a Engineering $x Databases $v Indexes $v Periodicals.



4.  Reference-type works.  Do not assign the subdivision –Databases to electronic serials that have the structure of and present themselves as reference-type works such as bibliographies, catalogs, collections of abstracts, directories, dictionaries, indexes, or other similar types.  Instead, assign the appropriate form headings or the appropriate subjects subdivided by the pertinent form subdivision.  Further subdivide by –Periodicals unless the subdivision is one not further subdivided by –Periodicals according to the provisions of H 1927, sec. 2.  If one of these electronic serials is also a database, do not further subdivide by –Databases and do not assign an additional subject for the database. 


Title:   The Sociofile database.

[a quarterly cumulation of abstracts from different sources in the field of sociology.]

650 #0 $a Sociology $v Abstracts $v Periodicals.


Title:   Peterson's college selection service

[a directory of U.S. colleges issued annually.]

650 #0 $a Universities and colleges $z United States $v Directories.


Title:   Index to legal periodicals

[a quarterly cumulative index to U.S. and foreign law periodicals.]

650 #0 $a Law $z United States $x Periodicals $v Indexes $v Periodicals.

650 #0 $a Law $x Periodicals $v Indexes $v Periodicals.



5.  Periodicals about databases.  Assign headings of the type [topic]–Databases–Periodicals only to periodicals whose subject matter is databases on a particular subject. 


Title:   CAD/CAM database strategies.

[a quarterly paper journal that deals with the design of CAD/CAM databases.]

650 #0 $a CAD/CAM systems $x Databases $v Periodicals.



6.  Databases of periodicals on a topic.  Assign headings of the type [topic]–Periodicals–Databases only to databases of periodicals on a particular subject, or to a work about databases of periodicals in a particular subject field.



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