H 1427  Collections of Objects


BACKGROUND:  This instruction sheet provides guidelines for the usage of the free-floating subdivisions designating private collections of objects, and for the assignment of additional headings to works on such collections.  For the treatment of catalogs of private collections and catalogs of library materials, see H 1360 and H 1361.  The following subdivisions are free-floating when used in accordance with the guidelines presented here:


–Archaeological collections
–Art collections
–Bonsai collections
–Catalogs and collections  (May Subd Geog)**
–Coin collections
–Ethnological collections
Ethnomusicological collections
–Map collections
–Musical instrument collections
–Natural history collections
–Numismatic collections
–Photograph collections
–Poster collections
–Private collections 
(May Subd Geog)
–Scientific apparatus collections
–Slide collections
–Stamp collections


1.  Use of the subdivisions.

a.  General rule.  Use any of the subdivisions listed above (except –Private collections and –Catalogs and collections) as a free-floating subdivision under the name of the original owner of a private collection, the owner being an individual person, a family, or a corporate body.


b.  –Private collections.  Use the subdivision –Private collections as a free-floating subdivision under headings for kinds of objects collected (except for natural objects or musical instruments and associated equipment, under which the subdivision –Catalogs and collections is used).


c.  Use of existing subdivisions vs. proposing new subdivisions.  Avoid proposing new subdivisions to be added to the above list.  Whenever possible, use one of the subdivisions provided, such as –Art collections, and assign additional headings in accordance with the provisions below to bring out the specific objects.  Example:


Title:   The Percy Band watch collection.

650 #0 $a Clocks and watches $x Private collections $z New York (State) $z New York.

600 10 $a Band, Percy $x Art collections.

[not  600 10 $a Band, Percy $x Watch collections.

(a hypothetical subdivision)]


2.  Assignment of headings.  Assign the following headings (with form subdivisions, such as –Catalogs, if appropriate) to a work about an individual private collection, including a collection that has been donated or sold to a public institution if the collection is still known by its original name:

  • ∙a heading for the name of owner subdivided by the appropriate collection subdivision.  If the work discusses a private collection owned jointly by a husband and wife, assign headings for both if they have been established.  If owned by a family with one well-known family member named on the title page, assign headings for both the individual person and the family.
  • a collection heading that designates the type of object collected.  This may be in the form of a phrase heading such as Photograph collections or a heading with the subdivision –Private collections or –Catalogs and collections, as appropriate, for example, ArrowheadsPrivate collections; Wind instrumentsCatalogs and collections.  Subdivide this heading by place to bring out the location of the collection when it is possible to do so.  More than one heading may be used to express this aspect of the work.
  • appropriate heading(s) to bring out any special topics of the collection that have not been covered by the headings assigned in accordance with the above provisions.  Use the subdivision –Private collections, –Catalogs and collections, or a form subdivision appropriate to the work (for example, –Pictorial works, –Bibliography, etc.).
  • the heading for the institution where the collection is currently housed, if it has been donated or sold by the original owner.

Note:  Partial title added entries were formerly made to bring out the name by which a collection is known if this name appeared embedded in the title of the work being cataloged.  That practice is no longer followed.

The following examples illustrate the headings to be assigned for each title shown.  The order of the headings has been determined by the nature of the work cataloged and the classification number that would be assigned to it, using the general guidelines presented in H 80


Title:   Catalog of the Abram & Frances Pascher Kanof collection of Yiddish theatre posters found in the Library of the American Jewish Historical Society.

650 #0 $a Theater, Yiddish $x Posters $x Private collections $z Massachusetts $z Waltham $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Theatrical posters $x Private collections $z Massachusetts $z Waltham $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Kanof, Abram, $d 1903-  $x Poster collections $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Kanof, Frances Pascher $x Poster collections $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a American Jewish Historical Society. $b Library $v Catalogs.


Title:   Catalogue of coins collected by Maulvi Hakim Habibar Rahman Khan Akhunzada of Dacca and presented to the Dacca Museum.

650 #0 $a Coins, Indic $x Private collections $z Bangladesh $z Dhaka $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Habibar, Rahman Khan, $d 1881- $x Coin collections $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a Dacca Museum $v Catalogs.


Title:   Banjos, the Tsumura collection.

600 10 $a Tsumura, Akira, $d 1936- $x Musical instrument collections $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Banjo $v Catalogs and collections $z Japan.


Title:   A catalogue of the Muriel R. Leeds collection of bonsai in the Yoshimura School of Bonsai, Briarcliff, N.Y.

650 #0 $a Bonsai $v Catalogs and collections $z New York (State) $z Briarcliff Manor.

600 10 $a Leeds, Muriel R. $x Bonsai collections $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a Yoshimura School of Bonsai $v Catalogs.


Title:   A catalogue of the Roth collection in the University of Guyana Library.

650 #0 $a Indians $v Bibliography $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Roth, Walter Edmund, $d 1861?-1933 $x Library $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a University of Guyana. $b Library $v Catalogs.


Title:   Gold and silver; photographs of Australian goldfields from the Holtermann Collection in Scranton

651 #0 $a New South Wales $v Pictorial works.

650 #0 $a Gold mines and mining $z Australia $z New South Wales $v Pictorial works.

600 10 $a Holtermann, Bernard Otto, $d 1838-1885 $x Photograph collections.

650 #0 $a Photograph collections $z Pennsylvania $z Scranton.


Title:   Catalog of the William Mann Collection of California Indian arrow heads in the New York Archaeological Institute.

650 #0 $a Arrowheads $x Private collections $z New York (State) $z New York $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Indians of North America $x Antiquities $x Private collections $z New York (State) $z New York $v Catalogs.

651 #0 $a California $x Antiquities $x Private collections $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Mann, William $x Archaeological collections $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a New York Archaeological Institute $v Catalogs.