H 1360  Catalogs


Note:  The order of subject headings used in the text and examples in this instruction sheet is not significant, since the actual arrangement of headings in each individual case is determined according to the provisions of H 80.  In the examples below, the additional headings that may be required for the particular kinds of objects involved, such as the headings for antiquities required by H 1225, Archaeological Works, have been omitted because they are not pertinent to the topic of this instruction sheet.

1.  General rule. 


Use the subdivision –Catalogs as a free-floating form subdivision under types of objects, including types of merchandise, art objects, collectors' items, technical equipment, etc., for listings of those objects that have been produced, that are available or are located at particular places, or that occur on a particular market, often systematically arranged with descriptive details, prices, etc., accompanying each entry. 


Use –Catalogs under the heading Excavations (Archaeology) as well as under headings for individual archaeological sites for works listing objects found. 


Use –Catalogs under artists or craftspersons and families of artists or craftspersons for works listing their art works or crafts that are located in, or available for purchase at, particular institutions or places. 


Use –Catalogs under names of persons and families doing business as sellers under their own names. 


Also use –Catalogs under types of organizations and names of individual corporate bodies for works listing objects, art works, products, etc., located in or available from those organizations. 




650 #0 $a Automobiles $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Art objects $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Food service $x Equipment and supplies $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Painting, French $z France $z Paris $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Flags $z United States $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Munch, Edvard, $d 1863-1944 $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Museum stores $z New York (State) $z New York $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a Montgomery Ward $v Catalogs.


For catalogs of publications, see H 1361, Catalogs of Library Materials, and H 1965, Publishers' Catalogs.


2.  Companion headings. 


The subdivision –Catalogs is assigned to works that list objects located in particular places or collections.  In accordance with H 1427, assign additional headings when possible to bring out where the objects are located and in what collection, if any.


a.  Objects in particular kinds of institutions.  Assign a heading for the type of institution in which the objects are located with the subdivision –Catalogs, unless other provisions have been made, such as the use of Catalogs, Union–[place] (see H 1361, sec. 1).


650 #0 $a [objects] $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a [kind of institution] $v Catalogs.




650 #0 $a Stone implements $z Africa $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Archaeological museums and collections $z Maryland $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Sculpture $z Maryland $z Baltimore $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Art museums $z Maryland $z Baltimore $v Catalogs.


Do not assign a heading of this type if the objects are located in an individual institution, society, or collection.


b.  Objects in a particular institution or society and/or collection.  Assign additional headings for the name of the institution (or society) and the name of the collection, if any, using the subdivision –Catalogs under each heading.


650 #0 $a [objects] $v Catalogs.

610 X0 $a [the name of the institution or society] $v Catalogs.

6XX X0 $a [name of the collection] $v Catalogs.


If the named collection is a private collection, use a heading of the type [objects]–Private collections–[place]–Catalogs as the first heading (except for collections of library materials, which are discussed in H 1361).  For the specific private collection subdivisions used under names of persons, see H 1427.


650 #0 $a [objects] $x Private collections $v Catalogs.

610 X0 $a [the name of the institution or society] $v Catalogs.

6XX X0 $a [name of the private collection] $v Catalogs.



650 #0 $a Stone implements $z Africa $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a John Smith Museum $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a African Early Man Collection (John Smith Museum) $v Catalogs.

650 #0 $a Stone implements $x Private collections $z Maryland $z Baltimore $v Catalogs.

610 20 $a John Smith Museum $v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Doe, John $x Archaeological collections $v Catalogs.



3.  Natural objects and musical items. 


Use the subdivision –Catalogs and collections instead of –Catalogs under objects that belong to either of these categories, for example, Beetles–Catalogs and collections; Piano–Catalogs and collections.  Do not interpose the subdivision –Private collections between the heading for the objects and the subdivision –Catalogs and collections. 



650 #0 $a Brass instruments $v Catalogs and collections $z South Dakota $z Vermillion.

610 20 $a Shrine to Music Museum (University of South Dakota)$v Catalogs.

600 10 $a Larson, Anne B. $x Musical instrument collections $v Catalogs.