G 300 Regions and Countries Table


BACKGROUND: The regions and countries table was developed in order to insure uniformity of Cutter numbers in all classes. It is applied to new entries in the shelflist when the form caption in the classification schedule reads By region or country, A-Z, provided that there is no conflict with existing entries. The table comprises countries, regions, historical jurisdictions or entities, and islands. This instruction sheet provides guidelines for applying the regions and countries table and for establishing new Cutters for the table. For principles governing Cuttering by region or country, see F 430.



1. Existing Cutters. If a Cutter for a region or country has been used in the shelflist or established in the classification schedule, use that number even if it is in conflict with the number in the regions and countries table.


2. New Cutters. If a Cutter for a specific region or country is being applied for the first time in a particular class, and there is no conflict with adjacent Cutter numbers, use the Cutter indicated in the regions and countries table. If a conflict exists with adjacent Cutter numbers, continue the existing Cutter arrangement, adjusting the new Cutter to maintain the proper alphabetical arrangement.


3. Countries.

Note: For purposes of this instruction sheet, a country is defined as a sovereign nation.


a. When Cuttering under a caption that reads By region or country, A-Z (or its equivalent), use the country Cutter both for the country as a whole and for any region or political division that is located entirely within the country. Examples:


Italy, Southern
Abruzzi (Italy)
Naples (Italy)



b. For geographic entities within the following countries, headings are established using as a qualifier the name of the first order political division rather than the name of the country:



 Entities Qualified by


 Names of states


 Names of provinces

 Great Britain

 Names of constituent countries


 Names of states

 United States

 Names of states


 Names of republics


When Cuttering for entities within these countries under a By region or country, A-Z caption, Cutter for the country, not for the political division. Examples:


 Melboure (Vic.)

 .A8 [Australia]

 Toronto (Ontario)

 .C2 [Canada]

 London (England)

 .G7 [Great Britain]

 Lupar River (Sarawak)

 .M4 [Malaysia]

 Baltimore (Maryland)

 .U6 [United States]

 Kotor, Gulf of (Montenegro)

 .Y8 [Yugoslavia]


c. When Cuttering for a region whose name consists of the name of a country modified by an adjective, use the following guidelines:

(1) If the class number represents only the one country, Cutter for the adjective, e.g.


 Brazil, local, A-Z


Brazil, North


 Brazil, Central West



(2) If the class number represents more than the one country, Cutter for the country only. Do not bring out the region. Examples:


 South America, by region or country, A-Z

Brazil, North


 Brazil, Central West



d. If a region was formerly part of another country, Cutter for the country to which it currently belongs even if the work is about a historical period when the region was not part of its present country.


4. Regions larger than countries or crossing national boundaries.

a. A Cutter for a region may be used if a class number is subdivided By region or country, A-Z. Examples:


 Africa, North


 [encompasses many countries]

 Yukon River Valley


 [crosses Canadian-U.S.boundary]


b. If a class number pertains to only one region or continent, e.g., Regions or countries of Africa, A-Z, and the name of a subregion consists of the region name modified by an adjective, Cutter for the adjective, e.g.


 Africa, North



5. Historical jurisdictions/entities. Cutter as established any historical jurisdiction or entity that existed in the past and whose former territories are not encompassed by a present day country, e.g.


 Islamic Empire



6. Islands.

a. If an island is located near a country and is treated as part of that country, Cutter for the country, e.g.



 .D4 [Denmark]


b. If an island or group of islands is isolated from its parent country, or is itself a country, Cutter for the entity under its own name, e.g.


 Puerto Rico


 Falkland Islands



7. Establishing new Cutters not previously listed on the table. If the subject cataloger provides a region or country not listed on the Regions and Countries Table, refer it to a subject policy specialist in the Cataloging Policy and Support Office (CPSO) to have the Cutter considered for inclusion in the table.

Region and Countries Table

 A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M -
N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - Y - Z

 Abyssinia see Ethiopia






 Africa, Central


 Africa, East


 Africa, Eastern


 Africa, French-Speaking West


 Africa, North


 Africa, Northeast


 Africa, Northwest


 Africa, South see South Africa


 Africa, Southern


 Africa, Sub-Saharan


 Africa, West










 American Samoa










 Antigua see Antigua and Barbuda


 Antigua and Barbuda


 Arab countries


 Arctic regions






 Armenia (Republic)






 Asia, Central


 Asia, East see East Asia


 Asia, South see South Asia


 Asia, Southeastern


 Asia, Southwestern see Middle East















 Balkan Peninsula


 Baltic States






 Barbuda see Antigua and Barbuda







 Benelux Countries














 Bosnia and Hercegovina






 British Guiana see Guyana

 British Honduras see Belize

 British Isles






 Burkina Faso






 Byzantine Empire










 Canary Islands


 Cape Verde


 Caribbean Area


 Caroline Islands




 Cayman Islands


 Central African Republic


 Central America


 Central Europe


 Ceylon see Sri Lanka



 Channel Islands








 Commonwealth countries


 Communist countries




 Congo (Brazzaville)


 Cook Islands


 Costa Rica


 Côte d'Ivoire










 Czech Republic






 Dahomey see Benin



 Developing countries






 Dominican Republic


 Dutch East Indies see Indonesia

 Dutch Guiana see Surinam



 East Asia






 El Salvador see Salvador

 Ellice Islands see Tuvalu

 England see Great Britain

 Equatorial Guinea












 Europe, Central see Central Europe


 Europe, Eastern


 Europe, Northern


 Europe, Southern


 Europe, Western see Europe


 European Economic Community countries


 European Free Trade Association countries


 European Union countries see Europe



 Falkland Islands


 Faroe Islands


 Fiji Islands




 Former Soviet republics


 Formosa see Taiwan



 French Guiana


 French Polynesia






 Galapagos Islands




 Georgia (Republic)




 Germany (Democratic Republic) see Germany

 Germany (East) see Germany

 Germany (Federal Republic) see Germany

 Germany (West) see Germany





 Gilbert Islands see Kiribati

 Great Britain




























 Holland see Netherlands



 Hong Kong














 Inner Mongolia see China







 Islamic countries


 Islamic Empire


 Islands of the Indian Ocean






 Ivory Coast, see Côte d'Ivoire







 Java see Indonesia





 Jugoslavia see Yugoslavia

 Jutland see Denmark



 Kampuchea see Cambodia





 Kerguelen Islands






 Korea (Democratic People's Republic) see Korea (North)

 Korea (North)


 Korea (Republic) see Korea

 Korea (South) see Korea









 Latin America


























 Macedonia (Republic)




 Malagasy Republic see Madagascar



 Malay Archipelago


 Malaya see Malaysia









 Marshall Islands










 Mexican-American Border Region






 Middle East








 Mongolia (Mongolian People's Republic) see Mongolia

 Montenegro see Yugoslavia







 Myanmar see Burma







 Near East see Middle East





 Netherlands Antilles


 New Caledonia


 New Guinea


 New Hebrides see Vanuatu

 New Zealand








 North America


 Northern Ireland see Great Britain

 Northern Rhodesia see Zambia



 Nyasaland see Malawi







 Outer Mongolia see Mongolia



 Pacific Area










 Papua New Guinea




 Persia see Iran

 Persian Gulf Region












 Prussia see Germany

 Prussia, East (Poland and Russia)


 Puerto Rico










 Rhodesia, Northern see Zambia

 Rhodesia, Southern see Zimbabwe

 Roman Empire




 Rumania see Romania



 Russia (Federation) see Russia







 Saint Kitts-Nevis


 Saint Lucia


 Saint Vincent




 Samoan Islands


 San Marino


 Sao Tome and Principe


 Saudi Arabia




 Scotland see Great Britain



 Serbia see Yugoslavia



 Siam see Thailand

 Siberia see Russia

 Sierra Leone








 Solomon Islands




 South Africa


 South America


 South Asia


 Southern Cone of South America, see South America

 Soviet Union




 Sri Lanka




 Sudan (Region)


















 Tamil Nadu see India

 Tanganyika see Tanzania



 Tasmania see Australia

 Terres australes et antarctiques françaises






 Tobago see Trinidad and Tobago





 Transvaal see South Africa

 Trinidad see Trinidad and Tobago

 Trinidad and Tobago




 Tubuai Islands








 Turks and Caicos Islands










 United Arab Emirates


 United States


 Upper Volta see Burkina Faso









 Vatican City






 Vietnam (Democratic Republic) see Vietnam

 Virgin Islands


 Virgin Islands of the United States




 Wales see Great Britain

 West Indies, British


 West Indies, French


 Western Australia see Australia

 Western Samoa






 Yemen (People's Democratic Republic) see Yemen







 Zambezi River Region







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