G 140 Dates


BACKGROUND: In 1982, the decision was made to add the imprint date to the call number of all monographic works. Prior to that date, several formal and informal memos were used as guidelines to determine if a date was needed in the call number. This instruction sheet provides guidelines on adding the date to the call number for monographic works.



1. General rule. Add the date of imprint to all monographs. Examples:


ca. 1976
1981, cl980
1971, cl972
1979 [i.e.1978]
1962 or 1963
1969 (1973 printing)
1980 printing, c1957
1979 [distributed] 1980
between 1977 and 1980
1978/79 [i.e. 1978 or 1979]
1977 (cover 1978)

 use 1976
use 1976
use 1981
use 1972
use 1978
use 1962
use 1969
use 1957
use 1979
use 1979
use 1977
use 1978
use 1978
use 1970z [if corporate body, use 1970]
use 1970z [if corporate body, use 1970]
use 1900z [if corporate body, use 1900]
use 1900z [if corporate body, use 1900]


2. Special situations.

  1. Congress or conference headings. If the date of a congress or conference is present in the heading, use the date of the congress or conference. If a date is not present, use the imprint date (cf. G 230). Examples:


111 2_ NISER Staff Seminar (1979-1980 : Ibadan, Nigeria) use 1980


111 2_ International Congress of Navigation (25th : 1981 : Edinburgh, Scotland) use 1981



b. Photocopy or facsimile editions. Add the date from the 260 field and add the letter a e.g.: 1945a.


  1. Other editions. For later editions of the same work, use the imprint date. If another edition is received with the same imprint date, use the work letters starting with b.



.I33 1982
.I33 1982b
.I33 1982c, etc.


d. Corporate authorship. For works entered under a corporate body, use the imprint date. If another work by the same corporate body is received, use work letters starting with a (cf. G 220). Examples:


.R37 1981
.R37 1981a
.R37 1981b, etc.


f. Date in main entry uniform title area. When there is a date in the main entry uniform title area, use the imprint date.


130 Survey of minority owned business enterprises (1982)

260 $c 1985


use 1985 in the call number


3. Exceptions to adding a date.

a. Supplement and indexes. Do not add a date to the call number after the designations Suppl. or Index. Examples:

.C64 1977
.C64 1977 Suppl.
.C64 1977 Suppl. 2

.C64 1977
.C64 1977 Index
.C64 1977 Index 2


b. Classes subarranged by date only. If a work is classed in an area which is subarranged by date only, do not add another date to the call number. Instead, add a work letter starting with a to the date. Example:

CD1106 1918
CD1106 1918a, etc.


c. Classes subarranged by date and main entry. If a class is subarranged by date and main entry add the imprint date to the number. Follow this instruction even if a date appears as part of the classification number. Example:




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