Assignment 11: Putting it all together


In this assignment, you will create a full-level OCLC record (for upload to OCLC as an HUH record) with:


         full RDA description

         all applicable AAPs for the work(s) contained in the resource you are cataloging

         all applicable AAPs for associated persons, families corporate bodies

         all applicable AAPs or other references as appropriate for related works, expressions, manifestations

         all relevant control fields, code fields, standard numbers, etc.

         An LCC call number shelflisted for the UHM Library collection

         All applicable 6XX subject heading fields.


This assignment is due no later than December 12, 2013.


You may submit as many drafts as you like before we upload the record to OCLC. I will suggest corrections, additions, subtractions, etc. on each draft. When you hand in the final version, there should be no errors or omissions of any kind. You may of course consult with me as often as you need to while preparing your catalog record.


No essay is required, but you may want to jot down questions to either hand in with each draft or to ask me in person or by e-mail when I review your draft records.