Assignment 8


The objectives of this assignment are to:

·        become familiar with the rules in chapters 0-3 of RDA (and the associated LC/PCC PSes) and how to apply them in MARC bibliographic format.

·        apply what you’ve learned in your previous assignments and readings to the original cataloging of a textual resource

·        create an original catalog record using Connexion browser or client

·        relate a new manifestation to existing manifestations of the same resource

·        evaluate bibliographic records in OCLC WorldCat for related manifestations and use or adapt or eschew the bibliographic data in them for the original bibliographic resource you are creating



  1. Examine the surrogate of the textual resource we examined in class on October 24.
  2. Use the Connexion browser or client to create a new MARC21 bibliographic record for the resource using BOOKS workform:


  1. When you have finished creating your record, print seven (7) copies of it to bring to class on October 31.
  2. Submit an essay (typed, double-spaced, please) in class on October 31 outlining the RDA rules and LC-PCCPSes you consulted in creating your record, other resources you consulted, decisions you made, questions you had, etc.


Here are some guidelines for what your completed bibliographic record should contain at minimum:


·        Fully coded fixed field (008)

·        020 if applicable

·        040

·        041 if applicable

·        043 if applicable

·        050 (use ClassWeb or printed schedules as you wish; also consult

·        1XX if applicable

·        240 if applicable

·        245

·        250 if applicable

·        264

·        300

·        336, 337, 338

·        505 if applicable

·        other applicable 5XX notes

·        6XX (consult LCSH, name authority file, instruction sheets for SHM and free-floating lists, etc. at

·        7XXes for related persons and corporate bodies if applicable

·        77X for related manifestation.