Assignment 1



For this assignment, you will need access to OCLC WorldCat via the Connexion cataloging client or browser and you will need to have physical custody of a published monographic resource (a book, a DVD, a CD, a map, etc., but not a serially published resource such as a newspaper or magazine issue or journal issue).You can select the resource from your own collection at home or check one out from any library.The item you select must have a catalog record in OCLC WorldCat.It doesnít matter how good or bad, complete or incomplete, the OCLC bibliographic record is, and it doesnít matter whether the record is coded RDA, AACR2, or other, but there must be some kind of catalog record for that exact edition/manifestation.



1. Search OCLC Worldcat via the Connexion cataloging client or browser and identify a bibliographic record that corresponds to the item in your custody (must correspond to that exact edition/manifestation).


2. Print seven (7) copies of that record and bring them to class on January 22.


3. Write an essay (typed, double-spaced, please) about that record based on any previous cataloging knowledge you have. You may refer to OCLC bibliographic formats and standards (, RDA Toolkit, any of the optional or required texts for this class, and any other cataloging reference sources you may wish to consult, but you are not required to consult any particular rules or reference sources. Comment on anything about the record that occurs to you, especially things you donít understand.Be prepared to discuss your record in class on January 22, and please bring the physical item with you to class also.††


Please submit the essay in class on January 22.


This is the information you will need to access WorldCat via the Connexion browser and/or download OCLC Connexion Client software:


Browser version:

Authorization 100-034-559

Password: ceasar


Client version:

Authorization 100-034-559

Password: ceasar

OCLC 3-digit symbol: HUI

OCLC 4-digit symbol: HUIA