LIS 606—Advanced Cataloging

Fall 2013 (Chopey)




How to access RDA Toolkit



1. Go to



2. Click on the button that says “ACCESS RDA Toolkit”







3. If you are at a computer in the Hamilton Library building that is within the range of authenticated IP addresses for this product, you should see “University of Hawaii at Manoa” in the upper right corner of the window:






If so, you are ready to use the toolkit (no need to enter a profile name or password in the boxes above)




4. If you are outside of the range of authenticated IP addresses, then you'll be asked to enter our UHM institutional username and password.   These will be provided to you in class by the instructor.



5. Next, create a User Profile by clicking the "Create" button. This will be an e-mail address and a password of your own choosing. After you have set up a user profile, you can use it to access RDA Toolkit from wherever you are, without needing to remember the UHM institutional username and password.