LIS 606

Advanced Cataloging



Selected Subdivisions and Instruction Sheets from SHM




Selected instruction sheets from Subject Headings Manual


General info on constructing and assigning LCSH strings




H 80 Order of subject headings


H 180 Assigning and constructing subject headings



For establishing new geographic names:


H 203 Citation of Sources (in 670 field of subject authority record)


H 690 Formulating Geographic Headings


H 807 Islands


H 810 Qualification of Geographic Headings


H 975 Hawaii



For assigning LCSH subject strings in bibliographic records:


H 620 Chronological Headings and Subdivisions


H 830 Geographic Subdivision


H 835 Geographic Subdivision Information in Name Authority Records


H 836 Geographic Subdivision Information in Subject Authority Records


H 860 Subdivisions Further Subdivided by Place


H 870 Interposition of Geographic Subdivisions


H 720 City Sections


H 760 Geographic Regions


H 790 Areas Associated with Cities


H 910 Place as a Theme in Art, Literature, Motion Pictures, Etc.


H 975 Hawaii


H 990 New York (N.Y.)


H 1075 Subdivisions (general Instructions on subdividing LCSH)



Selected lists of free-floating subdivisions from Subject Headings Manual (SHM)


H 1095 Free-Floating Subdivisions (of general use)


H 1100 Classes of Persons


H 1103 Ethnic Groups


H 1110 Names of Persons


H 1140 Names of Places


H 1147 Animals


H 1148 Art


H 1150 Diseases


H 1154 Languages


H 1155.2 Groups of Literary Authors


H 1155.6 Literary Works Entered Under Author


H 1155.8 Literary Works Entered Under Title


H 1156 Literatures


H 1160 Musical Compositions


H 1164 Organs and Regions of the Body


H 1180 Plants & Crops



Selected instruction sheets for various kinds of subject matter from Subject Headings Manual (SHM)


H 1210.5 Aerial and Space Photography


H 1225 Archaeological Works


H 1250 Art and Fine Art


H 1330 Biography


H 1332 Biological Names


H 1360 Catalogs


H 1361 Catalogs of Library Materials


H 1427 Collections of Objects


H 1435 Commentaries on Individual Works


H 1475 Cooking and Cookbooks


H 1480 Correspondence of individual persons


H 1530 Description and Travel


H 1576 Early Works


H 1578 Economic Conditions


H 1580.5 Electronic Serials


H 1581 Emigration and Immigration


H 1593 Exhibitions


H 1610 Fictitious Characters


H 1627 Folklore


H 1629 Foreign Relations


H 1646 Handbooks, Manuals, Etc.


H 1645 Guidebooks


H 1647 History


H 1690 Juvenile Materials


H 1775 Literature: General


H 1780 Drama


H 1790 Fiction


H 1795 Legends and Romances


H 1800 Poetry


H 1828 Literature from One Place in Multiple Languages


H 1855 Manuscripts


H 1913 Moving Image Genre/Form Terms


H 1916.3 Music: General


H 1916.5 Music: Jazz and Popular Music


H 1917.5 Music Form/Genre Headings: Medium of Performance


H 1919.5 Nationalities


H 1927 Periodicals


H 1928 Personal Narratives


H 1935 Pictorial works


H 2055 Social Conditions


H 2057 Social Life and Customs


H 2075 Songs and Music


H 2080 Sources


H 2095 Statistics


H 2110 Study and Teaching


H 2187 Textbooks


H 2190 Texts 


H 2220 Translations


H 2230 Visual Materials and Non-Music Sound Recordings


Appendix D: Punctuation