Assignment 13: Electronic serials cataloging


The objectives of this assignment are to:


become familiar with the rules in chapters 0-3 and chapter 7 of RDA (and the associated LC/PCC PSes) that apply to electronic serials, and learn how to apply them in MARC bibliographic format.

become familiar with the modules of CONSER Cataloging Manual  that apply to remote-access ( electronic serials

apply what you have learned in your previous assignments and readings to the original cataloging of an electronic serial.


create an original catalog record in CONTINUING RESOURCES format using Connexion browser or client


construct authorized access points for An electronic serial and any persons, families, or corporate bodies related to the resource.



  1. Examine the electronic serial found here:


  1. Consult all of the RDA rules and PSes referred to in your session 13 handout and all of the CONSER Cataloging Manual modules listed on the syllabus as required reading.


  1. Use the Connexion browser or client to create a new MARC21 bibliographic record for the resource using CONTINUING RESOURCES workform:




  1. When you have finished creating your record, print a copy to bring to class on April 23.


  1. Submit an essay (typed, double-spaced, please) in class on April 16 outlining the RDA rules and LC-PCCPSes and CONSER Cataloging Manual guidelines you consulted in creating your record, other resources you consulted, decisions you made, questions you had, etc.


Here are some guidelines for what your completed bibliographic record should contain at minimum:


Fully coded fixed field (008)

Electronic resource 007 (see

022 if applicable


041 if applicable

043 if applicable

100/110/111 if applicable

130 if applicable

240 if applicable


246 if applicable


300 if applicable

310 if applicable

336, 337, 338

362 if applicable

500 for source of title

538 if applicable


other applicable 5XX notes

6XX (consult LCSH, name authority file, instruction sheets for SHM and free-floating lists, etc. at

7XXes for related persons and corporate bodies if applicable (including relationship designators from Appendix I)

776 for print version

780 for earlier title


Note: The electronic serial you are cataloging changed its title after issue #39.  The former title was AV; the current title is AV Asia Pacific or possibly AV Asia Pacific for the audiovisual professional (you’ll have to decide based on the rules in RDA and the CONSER Cataloging Manual.