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·        Thailand: Beyond Tourism

·        Bibliography Plan: Hot Springs

·        The Betel Tradition


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UHM School of Library and Information Science Program

Founded in 1965, the University of Hawaii's Graduate School of Library Studies (GSLS)
set out to prepare professionals for work in libraries and other types of information-handling
agencies by offering the Master's in Library Studies degree.
The Master of Library and Information Science (MLISc) Degree Program
was first accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1967 and
was re-accredited under new standards in 1974, 1980, 1986, 1994, and 2000.

Master's Degree Programs:

Master of Library and Information Science

The Master of Library & Information Science (MLISc) program consists of a basic set of

required courses, augmented by courses relevant to particular concentration,

and elective courses appropriate for various library or information careers.

The curriculum is subject to continuous review and modification; every effort

is made in academic advising to ensure that programs of study suit an individual's goal.

Entering students are expected to be computer-literate. Graduate standing is the normal

prerequisite for all courses.

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View of Phuket, Thailand



LIS 601 Introduction to Reference & Information Services
MLISc degree required course
Syllabus Nahl
Philosophy, principles and practice of reference services in libraries, information centers and information literacy. Bibliographic control, reference research, reference interview, online searching, evaluation of bibliographic and Webliographic material. Field component.


LIS 605 Basic Cataloging & Classification
MLISc degree required course
Syllabus Bair-Mundy
Introductory cataloging and classification covering AACR2, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classification systems, LC Subject Headings, use of OCLC.


LIS 606 Advanced Cataloging & Classification
Syllabus Chopey
extended syllabus (online) Chopey
Continues LIS 605 with study of authority work, and further study of non-book materials cataloging, including electronic and Internet resources. Extensive use is made of OCLC Connexion cataloging client.

LIS 610 The Information Environment
MLISc degree required course
Syllabus Bair-Mundy
Lecture/discussion course on role of libraries, their social utility in information societies. History and future of libraries in changing technological world. Information professions, information ethics, intellectual freedom, intellectual property, information access, national/international library developments.



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LIS 650 Management of Libraries & Information Centers
MLISc degree required course (except School track)
Syllabus Gazan
Basic theories and principles of administration for effective management of public, academic, and special libraries and information centers, with emphasis on planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and control. Administrative aspects of public and technical services, facilities, planning, evaluation, public relations, interagency cooperation, and the management of change in bureaucratic organizations.


LIS 652 Introduction to Archival Management
Syllabus Wertheimer
Study of archival principles and management theories applicable to all types of repositories. Includes policy, appraisal, and digital applications, as well as ethical and legal issues.


LIS 662 Information Sources & Systems in the Social Sciences
Syllabus Nahl
Lecture course on the information structures of social science disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, psychology, education, business, history, political science. Information cycle, print and digital reference services, information-seeking research in the social sciences. Field research component.

LIS 663 Basic Database Searching
MLISc degree required technology course option
Syllabus Jacso
Introduces use of commercial online databases for interactive retrieval of bibliographic, full-text and directory information, the development of search strategies using controlled subject vocabularies and free text searching.


LIS 665 Teaching Information Technology Literacy
Syllabus Nahl
Introduction to the history, theories, principles, and concepts of library and information literacy instruction, learning theory and user-based research methods. Examines program design, administration, and evaluation. Provides practical experience in instructional design and implementation. Includes field research component.

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LIS 690 Library Internship Program


UHM Hamilton Library: Asia Collection

Supervisors: Alice Mak & Rohayati Paseng


Apply reference service knowledge and skills in the setting of a special area collection. After training in departmental procedures and policies, interns will be scheduled to serve at the reference desk.

Design and install an exhibit in the Asia Collection. The exhibit may be a topic of interest to the intern. Creating the exhibit will serve as an opportunity to explore a special segment of the collection and to serve as an outreach project.

Work on a special project under the guidance of an Asia specialist. The project may reflect the intern's particular area of interest or fulfill a need in the collection.

LIS 690 Library Internship Program


UHM Hamilton Library: Cataloging Department

Supervisor: Michael Chopey

Directed reading and research on USMARC Format for bibliographic data, OCLC bibliographic formats and standards, Voyager system documentation, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, Library of Congress Classification Schedules, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, and Cataloging Service Bulletin. Hands-on searching on: OCLC database, Library of Congress Authority Files, Voyager Public Access Catalog. Adaptive and original cataloging of monographs using Voyager cataloging module and OCLC. Upgrading minimal level cataloging records to full cataloging. Assistance with special cataloging-related projects within the department, including cataloging materials in other formats or languages.


LIS 693V Special Topics in Librarianship : Film Collections in Libraries
Carol Kellett & Rohayati Paseng
Introduction to various genres of films, the history and development of movie industry. Students learn how to evaluate films, and write reviews based on a collection of readings. Includes issues of collection and management of films in the library.

LIS 693V Special Topics in Librarianship : Library Architecture & Planning

Provides students with the knowledge necessary to participate effectively in or to manage a library renovation project or a new building project. Emphasis will be placed on the development of skills which students need to evaluate personnel, systems, and services during a construction project so that the new or renovated library facility is cost-effective and appropriate to users’ needs. Students will gain a greater understanding of the architecture profession and the interdisciplinary nature of building projects, in addition to practical experience in design and implementation.


LIS 694 Special Topics in Information Technology
Instructor Carol Kellett

Includes issues of topical interest in information technology with concentration on one major topic of current interest, such as information transfer, networks, library information systems, artificial intelligence applications.


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