Minor changes were made to Assignment 9.
Final papers are due 12/7 (last day of classes) and should be between 10-15 pages (double-spaced) in length. Topics can be almost anything related to a class topic. Please email me your proposed topic for approval before starting.
Assignment 1's due date is delayed by one week so that we can go over some examples of Hamming codes in class.
Assignment 1 is posted and grading scheme is also posted.

Welcome to CIS 702! Since the background of CIS students varies greatly (this is part of what makes this a great program, the synergy of diverse approaches to problems), I would like to ask you to briefly describe your background in technology, especially in the topics covered in CIS 702: data communications, information processing and computers, communication channels and networks, information storage and retrieval, and computer hardware and software. For example one student might have a B.S. and M.S. in computer science. Another student might have no formal training, but have worked for X number of years as a programmer or an IT specialist. Yet other students might have no background at all (not to worry, that's what this class is for, to bring everyone up to a certain level of understanding needed to do interdisciplinary research). I will use this information to tailor CIS 702 to this group of students.

On another topic, I noticed that CIS 702, 703, and 720 are ALL on Thursdays. This makes for a very long and exhausting day (9-4:20 with one 20 minute break and another 30 minute break). On the other hand, this allows students to get their classes out of the way in one day, leaving the rest of the week for other work. So please also let me know if you would prefer to switch CIS 702 to another day. Let me know if you strongly or weakly prefer to switch or not or have no preference. Only if the majority of students prefer to switch AND not a single student objects (i.e., strongly prefers not to switch), will we consider switching.

In any case, our first meeting will be this Thursday in POST 302. See you then!

David N Chin
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