ICS 661, Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Assignment Policy

Assignments will be posted on this website and are due before midnight of the due date.


Be sure to properly indent and comment your program. Each function, procedure or method should be less than a half page in length. Use mnemonic variable and function/procedure/method names. Every function/procedure/method should have enough comments so that a competent programmer can use your function/procedure/method without having to read any of your actual code. So this means that you should briefly describe what the function does, what are its inputs and what are its outputs.


You are expected to do all of your assignments yourself. You are free to use any machine that you wish for your assignments. Unless specified otherwise, under no conditions should people share code. It is alright for people to discuss implementation strategies, problems, bugs, and algorithms (in fact this is encouraged), but each person should write his/her own programs and assignments independently. Any sharing of code is plagiarism (see Impermissible Behaviour) and the students involved will be disciplied by reporting them first to the ICS Department and if this is not the first report for the student, then to the Dean of Students (a while ago, the headline story in Ka Leo was the expulsion of some students for cheating).

David N. Chin / Chin@Hawaii.Edu