ICS 462, Artificial Intelligence for Games

Tentative Schedule

Monday Wednesday
1/11 Introduction: AI vs. Game AI,
read Millington & Funge, Chapters 1-2
Components of a Computer/Video Game,
read Jeff Howland's Game Design: The Essence of Computer Games
1/13 Introduction to BZFlag, the target game for this class
1/18 Holiday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day 1/20 Presenting to Win,
read Weissman, entire book
1/25 Movement, Basic 2D & Physics
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 3.1-3.5
Writing Assignment 1 draft due
1/27 Movement in BZFlag
2/1 Jumping, Coordinated Movement, Motor Control & 3D
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 3.6-3.9
upload your Powerpoint slides to Laulima's Dropbox
2/3 Pathfinding
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 4.1-4.9
2/8 Individual Presentation: My Game Feature Proposal
Programming Assignment 1 due
Writing Assignment 1 revision due
2/10 Individual Presentation: My Game Feature Proposal
2/15 Holiday: Presidents's Day 2/17 Pathfinding in BZFlag
2/22 Decision Trees, State Machines & Behavior Trees
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 5.1-5.4
upload your PDF slide(s) to Laulima's Dropbox
2/24 Applying Decision Making to BZFlag
2/29 Individual Presentation: Code Review
Programming Assignment 2 due
3/2 Individual Presentation: Code Review
3/7 Fuzzy Logic, Markov Systems, Goal-Oriented Behavior, Rule-Based Systems, Blackboard Architectures, Scripting and Action Execution
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 5.5-5.11
3/9 Review for Midterm
3/14 Midterm Exam 3/16 Final Project Description & Specs
Programming Assignment 3 due
3/21 Spring Break 3/23 Spring Break
3/28 Waypoint Tactics and Tactical Analyses
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 6.1-6.2
Writing Assignment 2 draft due
3/30 Tactics in BZFlag
4/4 Tactical Pathfinding and Coordinated Action
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 6.3-6.4
4/6 more on Tactics in BZFlag
Test AI Shootout connections
4/11 Machine Learning
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 7.1-7.3
Writing Assignment 2 revision due
4/13 Decision Learning with Naive Bayes Classifiers and ID3
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 7.4-7.6
4/18 Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Neural Networks
read Millington & Funge, Chapter 7.7-7.8
4/20 Practice AI Shootout
4/25 Group Presentation: AI Techniques Used for AI Shootout 4/27 Final Project AI Shootout
Final report, draft due
5/2 Review for Final Exam 5/4 Group Presentation: Post-Mortem Analysis of AI Shootout
5/13 Friday Comprehensive Final Exam 9:45-11:45 am in the same room, Holms 247 (no student has a conflicting exam at this time and every student wanted to change, so we are moving the exam from the earlier 7:30 slot to this later slot)
(see UHM Academic Schedule for other exam times).
Final report, revision due

David N. Chin / Chin@Hawaii.Edu