ICS 361, Artificial Intelligence Programming

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David N. Chin
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The objective of the course is to expose students to concepts in artificial intelligence and the functional and logic programming paradigms. This is fundamental knowledge for all computer science students as described in the current ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) curriculum recommendations. Artificial intelligence has only been available to seniors (400 level) and infrequently offered at UH. The addition of this course will bring the fundamentals of artificial intelligence along with alternative programming paradigms to more students. This course integrates with the new curriculum and provides an alternative to ICS313, programming language theory, which is a requirement for ICS majors.

By the end of the course, students should have achieved the following learning objectives:

Catalog Description

Introduction to the theory of Artificial Intelligence and the practical application of AI techniques in Functional (Common LISP and/or Scheme) and Logic (Prolog) programming languages. Students gain practical experience through programming assignments and projects.


ICS (212 or 215) and (311 or EE 367) and 314 or consent.


Grading Policy

The grade will be based 40% on assignments, 20% on in-class quizzes, 15% on the midterm exam, and 25% on the final exam. The grading will be on an absolute scale; if you get 60% or better, then you will get at least a C. Above passing, the following scale will be used. This scale may be adjusted so that thresholds are lowered, but I will never raise the thresholds (not even if it means the whole class will get As, which would make me very happy as it would mean that every student has mastered the material).

As=85-100%, Bs=70-85%, Cs=55-70% (60% for C), Ds=45-55%.


All students are expected to attend the midterm and final exam as specified in the Schedule page. Absolutely no exceptions except delays for extreme illness will be granted. So if you are planning to leave campus before the scheduled final exam time for this class, you should drop the class NOW as I will not give you an early final exam.

All questions on the exams will be variants of questions on the quizzes with parameter changes. No new question types will be added to exams.

David N. Chin / Chin@Hawaii.Edu