Queen Julia Kapi'olani



I.  Identity

         A.  Introductions

                  1.  place (Where are you from?)

                  2.  family

                           a) genealogy (Who is your family?)

                           b) parents (Who are your parents?)

                  3.  self (Who are you?)

         B.  Modern "Local" Style

                  1.  high school

                  2.  relatives

                  3.  ethnicity

         C.  Contrasting Values

                  1.  American

                           a) identity = what you do

                           b) make a name for yourself

                  2.  Hawaiian

                           a) identity = where you come from

                           b) make family proud of you

II.  Name

         A.  Where did we get our name?

                  1.  location = Kapi'olani Blvd. & Pensacola St.

                  2.  "taken" not given

                           a) Kapi'olani Park (1877)

                           b) Kapi'olani Maternity Home (1890)

                           c) Kapi'olani Technical School (1957), KCC (1964)

         B.  Power (mana) in a name

                  1.  "I ka 'olelo no ke ola. I ka 'olelo no ka make."

                       ("In the word there is life. In the word there is death.")

                  2.  proper pronunciation

                           a) Kapi'olani = "the arch of heaven"

                           b) Kapiolani = "to extinguish the heavens"

III.  Place

         A.  "Nani Leahi he maka no kahiki."

               ("Beautiful Diamond Head is the view for the foreigners.")

         B.  Where was Kapi'olani from?

                  1.  Kaua'i and Maui genealogy

                  2.  born on Hawai'i

                  3.  lived on O'ahu

IV.  Legacy

         A.  "Hawaiian Time"

                  1.  the past = Ka wā mamua ("the time in front or before")

                  2.  the future = Ka wā mahope ("the time which comes after or behind")

         B.  'Ohana (family)

                  1.  Kaumuali'i (grandfather) -- negotiated peace with Kamehameha I

                  2.  David Kalākaua (husband) r. 1874-1891

                           a) 'Iolani Palace (1879)

                           b) World Tour (1881)

                           c) motto = "Ho'oulu Lāhui" ("increase the race")

         C.  Her Life

                  1.  marriage to Namakeha (Queen Emma's uncle)

                           a) wet nurse to Prince Albert

                           b) maternity hospital

                  2.  visited Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. (for the deaf)

                  3.  visited Kalaupapa, Moloka'i  (for people with leprosy)

         D.  Her Motto = "Kulia i ka nu'u."

                  1.  "Strive for the highest."

                  2.  "Julia in the seat of power." (Is she guiding KCC?)

                           a) Culinary Arts

                           b) International Education

                           c) Health Sciences

                           d) Gallaudet regional office

                           e) Service Learning



We are the only UH campus named after a person, not a place.


We must live up to our name!