“I AM FROM . . .”
by Colette Higgins

I am from beautiful Hawaii where the sun shines bright,

rainbows fill the sky, and the cars on the freeway rush by

until it becomes a hypnotic comfortable sound.


I am from rice and noodles, hamburgers and hot dogs,

musubi and kim chee, adobo and teri burgers, pizza

and chips, laulau and poi, saimin and sushi.


I am from: “If you nag me, I will move slower.”

“People who complain can do it themselves.”

“If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?”

“Feelings are neither right nor wrong, it’s how you act on them.”

“Love is a decision.”


I am from Roland and Cynthia Ho, the Bulacan family,

the Ho cousins and Mela, Candy, and Boy.


Poem Writing Activity
by Linda Christensen

First stanza: familiar sights, smells, and sounds from your neighborhood

Second stanza: familiar names of foods and dishes you recall from family gatherings

Third stanza: familiar family sayings often heard when growing up

Fourth stanza: familiar people important to your past