History 284W: Hawaiian History

Study Guide: Unit Three

Topics: -- Big Fish, Little Fish -- Great Mähele -- Later Monarchs -- Rise of Sugar -- Kaläkaua -- Overthrow of Hawaiian Monarchy
-- Territory of Hawaii

After completing the assigned readings and attending the above lectures, you should be able to:


  1. the extent of resident foreigners' involvement in Hawaiian politics.
  2. the reasons for, and results of Hawai‘i's Diplomatic Mission.
  3. the Paulet Episode: why it happened & significant people involved.
  4. the restructuring of the Hawaiian government and the reasons for it.
  5. why the Great Mähele occurred, and why it's considered the "great dispossession."
  6. the reigns of Kamehameha IV & V, and William Lunalilo.
  7. the factors influencing the rise of sugar in Hawai'i.
  8. the problems confronting the Hawaii sugar industry between 1866-1875.
  9. how Kaläkaua becomes king (incl: background, elections, supporters).
  10. how Kaläkaua ruled as king that earned him the popular title of "Merrie Monarch."
  11. the problems of Kaläkaua's reign (incl: cabinet, friends, constitution, rebellion).
  12. the reasons for, and the effects of the Reciprocity Treaty with the U.S.
  13. the role played by the United States in the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy.
  14. Hawaii's status as an "incorporated territory" of the United States (esp. voting & citizenship).
  15. the Massie case and its image of race relations in Hawaii.

know the importance of: define: know the importance of these people:
Great Powers in the Pacific imperialism Timothy Ha'alilio
William Richards capitalism Kamehameha IIII - Kauikeaouli
Gerrit P. Judd "Ua mau ke ea o ka ‘äina i ka pono." Kamehameha IV -- Alexander Liholiho
John Ricord Kālai‘āina Kamehameha V -- Lot
William Lee Mähele William Lunalilo
Robert Wyllie communal land system Queen Emma
Pülaholaho Crown Lands David Kaläkaua
Alexander Simpson Chiefs' Lands William Pitt Leleiöhoku
Captain Lord George Paulet Government Lands Lydia Kamaka‘eha (Lili‘uokalani)
James Marshall kuleana Queen Kapi‘olani
Admiral Sir Richard Thomas commutation fee Claus Spreckles
Organic Acts maka‘äinana Celso Caesar Moreno
1845 Maka'äinana petitions No. 12, Dutch Standard Walter Murray Gibson
capitalism, imperialism and depopulation reciprocity treaty Robert Wilcox
Buke Mahele "coolies" Lorrin Thurston
Land Commission Hoku i ka Pakipika John L. Stevens
missionaries "peculiar argument" Ho‘oulu Lähui James Blount
Dr. Judd's trip of 1850 Hui Kälai‘äina Grover Cleveland
Episcopal Church annexation, annexationists William McKinley
Queen's Hospital royalists Sanford Dole
Constitution of 1864 Hui Aloha ‘Äina Prince Jonah Kühiö Kalaniana‘ole
Household Troops Home Rule Party Myles Fukunaga
Lunalilo Home   Thomas & Thalia Massie
petroleum   Mrs. Fortescue
American Civil War   Rear Admiral Yates Stirling
plantation agency system   Clarence Darrow
San Francisco & Pacific Refineries    
World Tour    
‘Iolani Palace & Coronation    
Reciprocity Treaty    
Pearl Harbor    
Bayonet Constitution    
Wilcox Rebellion    
Committee of Safety    
Hawaiian League    
Honolulu Rifles    
U.S.S. Boston    
1897 Petitions    
Organic Act of 1900    
Hawaiian Homes Commission