I.  Hawai'i's Japanese Problem

           A.  dual citizenship (after 1924)

                                  a) must register at consulate

                                  b) allowed to expatriate

           B.  Japanese population in 1940  = 150,000 

                                  a) American citizens = 113,000

                                  b) dual citizenship = 30,000

II.  Pearl Harbor Attack (December 7, 1941)

           A.  early warnings:  submarine & radar

           B.  destroyed Battleship Row

           C.  attacked air bases on O'ahu

           D.  U.S.  casualties = 3,435 (~1,100 on U.S.S. Arizona)

III.  Martial Law in Hawai'i (Dec. 7, 1941 -- Oct. 24, 1944)

           A.  transfer of power

                       1.  Governor Joseph Poindexter

                       2.  General Walter Short

           B.  military orders (i.e. censorship, blackout, curfew)

           C.  military courts = fast & guilty

           D.  Why so long?

IV.  Americans of Japanese Ancestry (AJA's)

           A.  about 1/3rd of Hawai'i's population

                       1.  1,600 interned in Hawai'i

                       2.  110,000 interned on U.S. mainland

           B.  visible proof of loyalty

                       1.  UH ROTC

                       2.  Varsity Victory Volunteers

                       3.  100th Infantry Battalion (Separate)

                       4.  442nd Infantry Regiment