I.  The Story of 'Umi

         A.  Liloa's sons

                  1.  Hakau (with Pinea)

                  2.  'Umi (with Akahi)

         B.  Tokens to prove identity

                  1.  feather cape

                  2.  ivory pendant

                  3.  helmet

                  4.  spear and/or loin cloth

         C.  'Umi's "adopted sons" ('Oma'okamau, Pi'imaiwa'a & Ko'i)

         D.  Breaks kapu to meet Liloa

                  1.  leaned against kapu sticks

                  2.  climbed fence

                  3.  entered low side door

                  4.  sat on Liloa's lap

         E.  Liloa's verbal will

                  1.  Hakau becomes political heir

                  2.  'Umi serves as kahu of Kūka'ilimoku

         F.  Role of kahuna

                  1.  Nunu & Kakohe

                  2.  Kaleioku

II.  Lessons

         A.  Ascribed status

                  1.  birth rank (bilaterally determined)

                           a) pi'o & nī'aupi'o

                           b) wohi

                           c) ali'i noanoa

                  2.  older outranks younger

                  3.  'imihaku by "marrying up"

         B.  Achieved status

                  1.  pono behavior (includes religion)

                  2.  military conquest

                  3.  'imihaku by association




Think/Write Question

Do you think the story of 'Umi helps us to truly understand ancient Hawai'i, especially considering that he was the exception and not the rule?