I.  Kamehameha IV -- Alexander Liholiho (r. 1854-1863)

         A.  Background (born 1834)

                  1.  grandson of Kamehameha I

                  2.  education & travel

                           a) Royal School

                           b) trip with Dr. Judd (1850)

                  3.  married Emma Rooke (June 19, 1856)

                           -- Prince Albert (May 20, 1858 -- Aug. 27, 1862)

         B.  Legacy

                  1.  concerned about subjects dying from diseases

                           -- est. Queen's Hospital (1860)

                  2.  moved toward British influence in Hawaii

                           -- est. Episcopal Church (1861)

 II.  Kamehameha V -- Lota Kapuāiwa (r. 1863-1872)

         A.  Background (born 1830)

                  1.  older brother of Alexander Liholiho

                  2.  education & training

                           a) Royal School

                           b) served during brother's reign

                  3.  travel experiences 

                           a) trip with Dr. Judd (1850)

                           b) visit to Pacific Coast (1860)

         B.  Legacy

                  1.  "the last great chief of the olden type"

                  2.  Constitution of 1864

                           a) more power to the king

                           b) limited the privilege of voting

                  3.  bachelor king with no heir

                           a) Victoria Kamāmalu (d. 1866)

                           b) Bernice Pauahi

 III.  William Lunalilo (r. 1873-1874)

         A.  Background (born 1833)

                  1.  grandson of Kamehameha I's half-brother

                  2.  educated at Royal School

                  3.  ascension to the throne

                           a) legislators vote for next king

                           b) offered himself as a candidate (Dec. 26, 1872)

                                    -- opponent was David Kalākaua       

                                    -- plebiscite (Jan. 1, 1873)  

         B.  Brief Reign (Jan. 8, 1873 -- Feb. 3, 1874)

                  1.  constitutional amendments (30)

                  2.  attempted reciprocity treaty with U.S.

                           a) cabinet members

                           b) offered Pearl River lagoon 

                                    -- Natives opposed, so he withdrew offer

                  3.  Household Troops

                           a) duties:  guard buildings & escort king

                           b) mutiny, then disbanded

         C.  Legacy

                  1.  tomb at Kawaiahao

                  2.  Lunalilo Home





Think/Write Question

In contrast to the first three Kamehameha's, the last two rulers of the Kamehameha dynasty were well educated about Western culture and had traveled abroad.  Do you think this background influenced the way they ruled?