I.  Before Captain Cook (Spanish Discovered Hawai'i

         A.  Magellan "discovered" Guam & Marianas (1521)

         B.  John Gaetano "discovered" Hawai'i (1555)

                  -- name La Mesa

II.  Captain James Cook (1728 - 1779)

         A.  Background

         B.  Voyages into the Pacific

                  1.  1st Voyage (1768 - 1771)

                           a) purpose = observe transit of Venus

                                    -- transport natural scientists

                                    -- search for Southern Continent   

                           b) accomplishments

                                    -- charted New Zealand & Australian coasts

                  2.  2nd Voyage (1772 - 1775)

                           a) purpose = search for Southern Continent

                           b) accomplishments

                                    -- crossed Antarctic Circle

                                    -- relocated & confirmed island locations

                  3.  3rd Voyage (1776 - 1780)

                           a) purpose = search for Northwest Passage

                           b) accomplishments

                                    -- "discovered" Sandwich Islands (i.e. Hawai'i)

                                    -- mapped North American west coast

III.  Cook as Lono

         A.  Behavior of "Lono"

                  1.  arrived during Makahiki

                  2.  white sails of ship resemble Lono banner

                  3.  clockwise circuit around islands  

                  4.  entered Kealakekua Bay

                  5.  dismantled Lono temple

                  6.  William Watman is "sacrificed"

         B.  Behavior of Hawaiians

                  1.  welcoming -- expecting him

                  2.  giving gifts, food, drink, and women

                  3.  prostrating & calling him Lono

                  4.  performing Hānaipū ceremony at heiau


Think/Write Question

Why do you think Captain Cook is considered a hero to the Western world? Do you think he was a hero? Explain your answer.