1. Chronic low back pain may be due to all of the following except:

A ruptured intervertebral disc may lead to chronic low back pain noted by all of the following except:

All of the following are types of acute pain except:

________ are chronic pain conditions characterized by increased sensitivity and decreased pain threshold to tactile and painful stimuli.

The efferent pathways are composed of fibers connecting the reticular formation, the midbrain, and the:

6. Which of the following shows a correct sequence in the inflammatory process?

7. Characteristics of inflammation include all of the following except:

Which of the following are parts of the acute inflammatory response?

The mast cell, a major activator of inflammation, initiates the inflammatory response by:

Which of the following are involved in the mediation of inflammation?

In the clotting cascade, the intrinsic and the extrinsic pathways converge at:

Which of the following is a correct sequence in the clotting system?

Neutrophils and macrophages differ in:

One systemic manifestation of the acute inflammatory response is fever which is produced by:

Which of the following hypersensitivity reactions does not involve antibody?

Raynaud syndrome is a form of:

George recently received a kidnwy transplant. Organ rejection occurred after two weeks. The primary mechanism for the rejection is:

When the maternal immune system becomes sensitized against antigens expressed by the fetus, _____ disease is a result.

Mary is diagnosed as having urticaria due to an allergic reaction to penicillin. Which of the following may be involved in the treatment?

The serial or simultaneous presence of at least ____ of the 11 signs or symptoms of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are sufficient for the diagnosis of SLE.

Clinical manifestations of AIDS include:

The tests used to diagnose EB virus infection measures the antibodies to several antigen complexes:

23. Consequences of endotoxin include:

24. CCl4 causes cellular injury by:

25. Which of the following statements is NOT correct about t he complement system:

26. Dull, diffuse aching pain is transmitted through:

27. Which of the following is the main requirement for the initiation-promotion-projection theory of carcinogenesis?

28. Neurotransmitters interact with the ________ membrane by binding a ____________.

29. All of the following symptoms indication that spinal shock is terminating EXCEPT:

30. Bright, epicritic, pricking pain is transmitted through

31. As a major neurotransmitter, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid):

32. Hypertrophy is the result of

33. Alcohol affects nerve cell communication at:

34. This non-nucleated granular cell fragment release fibrinogen, serotonin and adenosis diphosphate in response to injury

35. The tissue counterpart of this cell is the mast cell.

36. A fever results from a biochemical messenger which regulates the set point in the anterior hypothalamus. The major endogenous pyrogen is:

37. Which peptide dilates blood vessels, increase permeability and stimulates pain nerve endings at site of injury.

39. Events at a chemical synapse include:

40. The best nursing intervention to distinguish delirium, depression, and dementia is to:

41. Natural killer (NK) cells are known to attack and destroy:

42. Which of the following diseases is caused by Type II hypersensitivity?

43. The differential diagnosis of the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus includes:

44. Differential diagnosis of Hodgkin's Disease includes

45. Which of the following statements regarding the stage 3 of breast cancer is correct

46. Differential diagnosis of Alzhermer's disease includes:

47. Differential diagnosis of Partkinson's disease includes:

48. Graves' disease is an autoimmune disorder which is caused by the production of which interact with receptors on the cell membrane.

49. The hallmark distinction between dementia and depression is causative factors. Dementia causes a disturbance of _________, while depression causes a disturbance in ______.

50. Is a safe treatment of Grave's Disease for pregnant women:

51. Which of the following statements regarding Diabetes Insipidus is NOT true:

52. Which of the following statements regarding Cushing Disease is correct:

53. Somogyi Effect is caused by

54. Differentiate the Systemic Lupus Erythematosus from Rhaumatic Arthritis

55. Differentiate the Graves' disease from a multinodular Goiter

56. Which is not a characteristic of Selye stress syndrome?

Which characterizes the alarm stage?

Stress may be defined as any factor that

The production of coritsol in response to stress can be initiated by

60. Which of the following would not be useful to assess stress?

61. ________ best describes homeostasis.

The initiation of the stress response is due mainly to the nervous and endocrine systems but also includes:

The immune system's primary role in the neuroendocrine "regulatory loop" is:

Differential diagnosis of neuroblastoma is

Neuroblastoma is a tumor of embryonic nerve (neural crest) cells originates in

Sign and symptom of Neuroblastoma is usually a result of

Tacrine (Cognex) is used to help Alzheimer patient by

Person with depression

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