Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

KaLama 102, 8:30am

February 11, 2011


1.   Introductions

2.   Re-Orientation to UHMC: collecting campus intelligence; identifying most egregious and persisting problems: sustainable employment opportunities; student persistence, retention,  graduation and employment placement goals; responsiveness, entrepreneurship and speed (National Academies of Science recommendations); other problems, needs and opportunities.

3.   Vice Chancellor Reports

a.   Administrative Affairs : Equipment List;  HUD Building Dedication and Final Report; Former Student Housing Renovation to HOST Lab, Design Status; Proposed Student Housing Purchase ; JCI Negotiations;  Legislature Updates; Spring and Academic Year Budget Updates; Birm along Kaahumanu Avenue; Security Chief Appointment; KaLama Bldg Painting scheduling

b.   Academic Affairs: Program Review Processing and Status; Palauea ;  Program Persistence, Retention  and other Student Data; Bachelors of Applied Sciences in Sustainable Sciences Management, Applied Human Services and Ocean Studies

                                                            i.      Education Centers, University Center, and other Academic Support Services Status and Developments

                                                         ii.      Perkins Criteria and Direction for Proposal Submissions

                                                      iii.      Summer Session Preparation and Marketing

                                                       iv.      Strategic Planning Next Steps

c.    Student Affairs: Spring Enrollment, Counseling support for academic advisement and Developmental Math, Student Life Calendar

d.   Information Technology Areas of Attention:  Approach and Assessment of computing, bandwidth, multi-media equipment,  wireless, Tech Fee priorities, Rural Broadband Project Implementation, Cable TV station and PEG access fees, instructional interactive television, streamed video, Laulima Interface, campus website, PIN- Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and Mariano Marcos VideoConferencing Links, and other related IT matters

4.   Chancellor

a.   Special Projects Coordinator Wyche: current application initiatives and past unsuccessful applications

                                                            i.      Current: NSF Advanced Technology Solar Telescope Status; Trade Adjustment Act Community College Bellwether Partner/UHCC Partner/potential independent application

                                                         ii.      Past: USDA: ReVamp Project, HUD: Student Housing Renovation, NSF: Geospatial Project, Ho’okahua STEM Project

b.   WIA Native American Programs

Here is the Workforce Investment Act of 2005, report language as written in Report109-134 from the 109th Congress:

Section 141. Native American Programs

Section 141 amends Section 166 of WIA regarding Native American Programs. The Senate bill retains current law duty of the Native American Employment and Training Council to advise the Secretary on the selection of the individual appointed to head of the Division of the Indian and Native American Programs at the Department of Labor. The bill amends section 116(j) to provide assistance to Cook Inlet Tribal Council, incorporated, and the University of Hawaii at Maui for unique populations in Alaska and Hawaii to improve job training and workforce investment activities and authorizes appropriations of such sums as may be necessary for fiscal year 2006-2011. The bill adds a requirement that the Secretary, in consultation with the Native American Employment and Training Council to develop performance indicators that are appropriate to the Native American program.


c.    RDP in Review Process

d.   Bellwether Conference: Bellwether College Consortium;  Postsecondary Information Network, Community Colleges for International Development; and Bellwether Colleges collaboration

e.   Academic Senate Proposed Amendments

f.      Look Alike and Federally Qualified Health Center

g.    Molokai Ranch, State and County Land Acquisition

5.   Other Matters