Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

KaLama 102, 8:30am

November 12, 2010



1.       President Greenwood and BOR Prep for Next Week

a.       Wednesday

b.      Thursday: BOR Meeting – Palauea Presentation

c.       Friday morning on Maui and afternoon on Molokai

2.       Vice Chancellor Updates

a.       Academic Affairs: Program Developments – AtP Status; possible Water/Waste Water program development; Hale Haumana Status;  Rural Development Projects on campus, Molokai, and Lanai; Math Lab status; Bellwether Consortium Initiative

b.      Administrative Affairs: JCI, CIP status, TFSF revenues and debit balance;

c.       Student Affairs: Spring and Fall Enrollment, retention and persistence data; Kulana’ao exploratory acquisition;  

3.       Chancellor Update

a.       Asst. Secretary for Postsecondary Education Eduardo Ochoa and Senator Inouye’s Office visits

b.      NSF and National Solar Observatory Visits

c.       Strategic Plan Feedback

                                                               i.      Environmental and Financial Scan

1.       UHMC Lowest G Funded institution per County resident in the State

                                                             ii.      County Economic Development Strategies

                                                            iii.      Employment Modeling Systems, Inc. Data

                                                           iv.      Maui County Energy Alliance Report

                                                             v.      Regional Economic Data

                                                           vi.      Other similar reports and research including community input

4.       Other Items