Executive Committee Meeting Agenda

Ka Lama 102, 9:30am

July 23, 2010


1.       Registration and TFSF Status

2.       Biennium Budget Proposals and Preliminary Feedback

a.       Report from UHCC Chancellors’ Meeting

b.      Report from Lau’ulu Rep on Pukoa Council Status

3.       Financial Aid Merit Scholarship Status

4.       Netbook Project

5.       UHMC- JCI Collaboration Discussions and Draft Directions; PICHTR  Maurice Kaya Visit, Forrest City’s Joe Wallenstrom

6.       Title III, HUD, COSEE NSF, Bellwether Step,  Status

7.       Senator Inouye Visit: Maui and Lanai on Aug 19th

8.       Hawaiian Homes Potential Pilot

9.       Personnel Actions completed and in process

10.   20th Annual Chancellor’s Golf Tournament

11.   Science Building Groundbreaking: July 28

12.   Other Items