Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, November 13, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:   Herman Andaya, Ryan DeLeon, Michele Katstuani, John McKee, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Debbie Nakama,

 Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanah, Lori Teragawachi, Marilyn Umetsu




Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

HI-Pass and Ed consortium and the plans – Debbie Nakama




Student Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


Spring Enrollment to date



Fall ‘09

Last Year


New returning or transfer


Last Year


Last Year










                                *12th day – 1,418

·            Enrollment - Increased by 50% from last year

·            Students should be notified to register for next semester – classes are filling up.

·            Projections – 3,207 students will be persisting

·            2/3 yield

·            First day of  instruction 1/11/09 – 2 months away from first day of instruction.

·            Enrollment growth fund – actual enrollments may exceed projections.   Funding may not be sufficient to increase our allocation of the fund.



Administrative Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


Update on Lay-offs and Furloughs


Update on Collective Bargaining


Revenues for Fall ’09 and Spring ‘10

·         Fall 2009- 3,381,424 23.9% from last year.

·         Spring 2010 -1,278,371 (majority is debit balance).  53% increase from last year.


Preparation for increased enrollment

·         Expanding class sizes

·         Parking

·         Electrical replacement system


Last day of payment and Purge – December 18, 2009




Health Center – Open during the break

·         Manoa is remaining open

·         Health Center may voluntarily remain open


Campus closure over Breaks

·         DT – Union will not have issue if there is a mutual agreement to volunteer, however, if another employee request to come in and take vacation on another date…must accommodate or explain.











Bookstore needs to be notified of increased enrollment – Diane and John Mckee



Katie to get the word out that students need to make payments before offices close for winter.


Katie to remind students to obtain their MMR.



·         DT to remind Lanai and Molokai to limit AC use during break.

·         Other campuses will be selecting one building to be the alternate work site.

·         MCC will designate Pilina to be the alternate worksite

·         Herman  - find out plans from Colleen,

Academic Affairs – Report on developments by Vice Chancellor



·         Enrollment – lower compared to comparison schools

Headcount is smaller yet MCC has larger numbers for full-time and part-time.

·         Tuition – tuition has been consistently increasing for all campuses.

·         Graduation rate overall – MCC is lower

·         Transfer rate is higher

·         Administration – lower compared to comparison institution

Cost of Living - higher



Update on Netbook Initiative – Diane Meyer


Will be ordering another 120 for Spring. 

         1.          Culinary - 60

         2.          Nurses –

         3.          Oral Health and Dental Hygiene

Will attach $75 fee to Culinary students – Chris will be paying for first semester students…continuing students will be paying the fee themselves.


Will not be increasing the tech fee


Program Review Teams


CS is looking to revise timeline in order to make program reviews relevant to our current situation.


Comprehensive program reviews in some instances have been done well, in others, not.


CS – limit to just key matrix


VCs to submit their list of priorities for budget


Teams – should be completed by end of December

§   OCET – David

§   ECET - John

§   Accounting – Karen

§   Nursing – Marilyn (PRN) and Alvin (Assoc.)


Update on Palauea Conveyance


20 acre conveyance

Will be presenting to UHF Executive Committee




HOST – Maui College Guest House – Hale Haumana

Colleen Suyama and Gwen Hiraga




Molokai Land Acquisition


Met with Dan Orendenker – head of Molokai Ranch.  Open to reviewing our proposal.  The Ranch is looking to using the pre-economic downturn appraisal.


Noble Chef




Cultural and Natural Resources Management Proposal



CS presented to Chancellors and VP Morton –


Peter Quigley googled DOA – 1 position only


Near term may not have demand for employees


Associate in Technical Studies degree – SR looking into it.


o     CS presented to Chancellors and VP Morton –

o     Peter Quigley googled DOA – 1 position only

o     Near term may not have demand for employees

o     Associate in Technical Studies degree – SR looking into it.


Mariano Marcos State University


President will be on campus and signing MOI


Lorelle, Cyrilla and Debbie will be traveling to the Philippines


Shanghai Normal University Agreement


Signed – 7 leaders have travelled to Hawaii.  SR and Dean Louie travelled to Shanghai to enter into agreement.



Hyechon University President Visit in December 2009 and student program in January 2010


Students travelling for orientation




will be supporting two international internships. 


UH Board of Regents Meeting on Maui

Change in Date – January 28, 2010



Internal Marketing Activities and Status


Paina – Menu brochure

Poster Project – feedback from community.  Will have three posters available soon.

Facebook page and twitter growing



Program Review Summary



Satoru Abe Sculpture Dedication, November 24, 2009



Katie to publicize


Bellwether Consortium


·         $12 Million dollar grant – President Obama

·         Netbook initiative


Value Added Facility



HMSA – Data mining project – includes IBM supercomputer