Executive Committee Meeting

October 9, 2009


Agenda Items


I.                    Student Services

A.      Official Enrollment – 4,114


II.                  Administrative Services


A.      Revenues

1.       Revenue amount

2.       Debit balance

3.       Target - $3,377,590 (25% enrollment increase)

B.      Update on Proposed Budget

C.      Update on Lay-offs and Furloughs


III.                Academic Affairs


IV.                Strategic Plan Outcomes


V.                  Update on Name Change

A.      Alvin working on memo – consistent with what Academic Senate recommendation


University of Hawai`i Maui College

Our Community’s College


B.      Follow-up - Alvin to look at other campuses how they distinguish campus and centers.


VI.                Unemployment in the County of Maui


VII.              Update on Community Forum


VIII.            Program Reviews