Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, October 23, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:  Herman Andaya, Ryan DeLeon, Kim Gray, Michele Katsutani, John McKee, Katie McMillan, Diane Meyer, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, David Tamanaha,  


Guest:  Sue Feltz


Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

Student Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


·         Spring Enrollment to date

·         Applications system begin on November 2, 2009

·         Applications - 560

·         Spring  ‘10 at 10% increase from Spring ’09 (3,372): 4,046 students (corrected to 3,709)

·         16% class offering increase

·         List of students that have not paid – 100 students


Administrative Services - Report on developments by Vice Chancellor


·         Update on Revenues

·         Revenue amount – $3,386,353 (23.6% above) (as of October 18, 2009)

·         Debit balance - $248,442 (last year - $347,000)

·         $3,294,000 – reduced revenue target for Fall ’09 – based on debit balance we do not collect based on past trends.


·         Update on Lay-offs and Furloughs

·         Lay-offs – UH starting to fill vacancies with state displaced workers.

·         Update on Collective Bargaining

·         Approved day off –

Friday after Thanksgiving

4 days before Christmas Break

4 days before New Year’s Day

4 days during Spring Break

·         Chancellors have been identifying possible challenges due to the furlough (registration, health and safety, construction academy…different schedule from DOE).

·         Purpose of furlough – reduce operational costs

May have to relocate classes

·         Update on Re-Organization and next steps

·         Need to do re-descriptions of current positions

·         Positions that were not filled because of the re-org (due to Governor’s hiring restriction, will need to apply for exemptions


Chief of Security

·         CS – Wait until collective bargaining is over before deciding whether to provide with filling positions.


Academic Affairs – Report on developments by Vice Chancellor

·         Contribution – Enrollment Growth Fund

·         Mike U. – approved requested amount $769,630

DT – there may be some monies for equipment due to increased enrollment.  Review equipment list

Math Update


·         Ryan met with Kate – Kate explained what math labs are for.  Course descriptions may not be clear about these courses.  SR to look into course description.

·         National Center for Academic Transformation – provides resources on how courses can be re-designed.  John Squires demonstrated how myMathLab was able to increase student progress by 20%.  SR working on getting Squires to Maui for a system wide meeting. 

Follow up - Kate Acks will be meeting with Ryan


Update on Netbook


·         Conference call with system office.  First reaction was that we would need to go to the board of regents.  Will be consulting with David Lassner.

·         Collaboration with the U.S. DOE – National Graduation Initiative or NSF

·         For Spring – Culinary and Allied Health (should be given to cohorts).

·         SR to check Pearson leadership – understand range of capabilities.

·         Look for resources for rural colleges in America.


 Update on Strategic Plan Outcomes

·         Instruction, Student Affairs and the Admin Affairs will update

·         Include verbs in outcome statements


Update on Name Change


·         Alvin working on memo – consistent with what Academic Senate recommendation


University of Hawai`i Maui College

Our Community’s College


Update on Community Focus Groups


·         Sustainable (Ag. Renewable Energy, Eng. Tech., Ocean Studies)

·         Date to be confirmed

·         Public Safety

·         Business Enre

·         Applied Arts: Music,

·         Tech/IT

·         Hospitality/Culinary Arts

·         Education

·         Health

·         Preprofessional: Liberal Arts (Engineering, Business/Acc/Med/Ed/Law)

·         Karen requested to identify lower division course requirements for all upper division and graduate programs

·         Present the lower division pathways to U Ctr four year degrees

·         Student Interest Survey still a need: UH Portal POPUP not successful

·         20 signed up

·         Working with Culinary for food

·         Incorporated Audience Response System

·         Star/ SARS

·         UH Center Lower Division already identified in Star

·         Hi-Pass

Agenda should be reviewed by SR and DM

Identify areas we’ve made progress

Should include summaries


















Follow-up - Shane to do a demo on STAR.  DT to follow up with Chris.

Follow-up - DOE requesting clear path to MCC: Status Deb Nakama





Program Reviews

·         Comprehensive program reviews did not really do comp reviews


Student Issues


·         Art on campus

·         Pilina hangars for walls

Westin donated picture frames.

CS to send letter of thanks.

Ryan to encourage students to provide artwork

·         Student Art Expressions on campus:

·         Cable TV opportunity

·         Computer Labs: insufficient number of computers, Bus and TLC labs

·         Clarifying and Enforcing a policy on student use

·         Illegal downloads of copyrighted material

Lassner is following up with student abusers.  If students are found to be abusing the system, they will be locked out.

·         Water fountains: is the water safe to drink – DT – DOH tests will be done to determine if water is safe to drink.  Use AIM to report

·         Laulima: student problems with Laulima, and faculty expertise limited;  SR

·         Health Center: hours need to be posted, needs to be current – Denise to connect with Tiffany regarding email blast on center hours.


“Wild goose chase” on TB/MMR from DOE.  Should include information about going to their physicians for documentation on UH Portal.

Health Center Access via email

Update website

Radio station: no funds


·         Online cafeteria menu: weekly menu requested – HA











follow-up with David Lassner



SR to inform faculty to use AIM


Marty Jean will be having special sessions with students.


Electricity Consumption Rate


·         Computer labs – should be powered down when computers are not in use.

·         AC – during winter months, should turn down AC.

·         Rates will be going up.  10% increase may amount to $42,000


Wolf – plan for an event for her.

Plan for an event for her.



Junior Commission indicated that