Executive Committee Meeting Notes

Friday, April 24, 2009

8:30 a.m., Ka Lama 102


In attendance:  Pat Adams, Herman Andaya, Kim Gray, Katie McMillan, Karen Muraoka, Suzette Robinson, Clyde Sakamoto, Alvin Tagomori, Elaine Yamashita.



Agenda Item

Discussion Notes

Action Items

County and Legislative Budget Updates

The Maui County Council is supporting Allied Health with $450,000 and Excellence in Aging with $250,000.

Legislative budget is still being discussed.

A final county decision should come after May 31, 2009.

SLIM Institute

The Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) has been officially recognized as a University of Hawaii Institute.  SLIM is a center for the gathering of information, generation of new knowledge, and development, application and validation of appropriate sustainable technologies.


MOA with UH and Stanford University

Maui CC may join with UH institutes and Stanford University regarding environmental issues, e.g., shoreline protection and global warming:  Discussion with Dr. Bill Durham of Stanford is scheduled for today.



Summer Plans and Publicity


Katie reported on the summer 2009 renewable energy series enrollment:

·         Three mainland students registered to attend

·         Advertisements in Planet Green

·         Mainland students interested in coming to Maui CC because their own college sustainability courses are filled.



Laptop Initiative and Seton Hall


Meetings are being scheduled with Dr. Landry and Dr. Fisher of Seton Hall to discuss Fall 2009 implementation of the laptop initiative.  MyMathLab, an online math program, and Smart Thinking, an online tutoring and writing assistance program, are being recommended. 



Suzette to discuss use of MyMathLab and Smart Thinking with faculty..

PIN – Postsecondary International Network

Maui CC will host the 2010 Postsecondary International Network (PIN) Conference, to be held April 12-13, 2010 on Oahu at the Sheraton and April 14-16 on Maui at the Kea Lani.  The conference theme will be “Entrepreneurship and the impact on programs, the institution, community and state/region.”


The Maui CC core steering committee for the conference will include OCET and interested faculty and staff.



Maui Sustainability Committee


The core of the Maui Sustainability Committee will come from the core of the existing Energy Committee.


360 degree photo tour on website


Katie reported on the Maui CC website redesign.  Visitors will be taken on a virtual tour of campus sites, e.g., library, dining facility, agriculture, students in classrooms (releases required), Early Childhood facility, sustainable construction technology, student housing, and others.


Katie will ask program coordinators for input via email.

President McClain’s visit


President McClain’s final visit to Maui CC on May 1, 2009 was discussed and suggestions made for gifts or presentations.


Elaine to coordinate with the Academic Senate.

Student Affairs-Alvin


Enrollment Updates

Fall 2009:

·         1,223 registered vs. 468 last year

·         1,055 applications vs. 554 last year

Summer 2009:

·         456 registered vs. 293 last year

·         172 applications vs. 149 last year


Update – Hale Haumana

·         HOST advisory committee discussing the possibility of converting at least  two of the buildings into an instructional “mini hotel.”

o   Enrollment could be low to handle two buildings: 40 majors; 120 students; 2 full time faculty

·         Task order 5 & 6 need two rooms each; confidentiality of records an issue. 

Kulana`ao update:

·         Alvin to meet with Cary Lefton to discuss issues and possible actions.



Administrative Services


Lori to give presentation on OCET deficit status



Academic Affairs


Update on Program Proposals

·         Engineering Technology degree will go before the UH Board of Regents for action on May 29, 2009.  Will address issues about the two accreditation commissions and the subchange.


Update on ATPs

·         IT: On hold.

·         Gerontology: Nancy and Lee are revising the ATP to include more of the social sciences

o   Lee Stein will be working on it during the summer

o   Will be bringing in a consultant

·         Ocean Studies: approved by STEM, reviewed by curriculum committee.

o   Approved by the curriculum committee and the Senate – Will be transmitted to Chief Academic Officers

o   Dr. Lemus met with MCC and will be drafting report.

·         Cultural and Natural Resources (2 year)

o   Reviewed by Curriculum Committee and returned for further refinement.  Suzette may present to CAOs in May 2009.


Achieving the Dream

o   Strategies reduced and more focused

o   Policy changes

Ø  Compass preparation and MyMathLab

Ø  Mandatory placement testing

Ø  Mandatory enrollment, orientation, experience

Ø  Cleveland State CC uses MyMath Lab; will be meeting with them to discuss MyMath Lab.  Data showing that 95% of courses are being redesigned and now 75% of the students are completing courses.

Ø  Seton Hall Univ. also uses MyMath Lab, MCC considering collaboration with Seton Hall through an NSF grant.


Dean Louie to be teaching a course at Shanghai Normal University; all expenses to be paid.  SNU faculty and students to travel to Maui.  Beijing University is next step.